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Thread: Photographic Exposure Control

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    Default Photographic Exposure Control

    Provide a 'photographic exposure control' feature with familiar Aperture, Shutter, ISO, and White Balance (in Kelvin) settings.

    How Used:
    When Advanced Lighting is calculated, allow the user to use familiar camera-based controls for exposure.

    Ideally a customizable camera response curve would be provided, perhaps compatible with the response curves calculated in HDRshop; or else with a few basic but realistic presets (e.g. Tri-X film; Canon 1Ds camera etc).

    This would provide much better and more intuitive control than the current (very arbitrary) Logarithmic Exposure Control, and could link in with cameras and rendering for Depth of Field and Motion Blur control.

    Feature Affinity:
    Rendering --> Environment --> Exposure Control

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    Default Re: Photographic Exposure Control

    Gets my vote!!!
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    Default Re: Photographic Exposure Control

    Not sure if you are interested or not but VRay has a physical camera in there rendering plugin. I'm really glad for the switch but man i've heard alot of complaints from people who have no photography background about it. They want a camera asa viewport not a way controling light, DOF, motion blur and all that. Like i said, i think its a step in the right direction....but i think leaving a non physical approach should be mandatory as well.

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    Default Re: Photographic Exposure Control

    Man oh man, I'd really like to see this implemented. As far as non-photographers go, they could just have the default set to the very basic settings to act kind of like a viewport camera, but have the ability to adjust it for more advanced settings. As with Max, I find I really have to do a lot of adjustment with lighting to compensate for the low f-stop I use when creating the DoF; I shouldn't have to physically alter perfectly good lights to make up for the lack of camera controls...

    Gets my vote!
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    Default Re: Photographic Exposure Control

    I found it really weird at first...because i was so used to working with non-physical cameras in 3d. You set up a scene and have a pretty good idea what its going to look like based on the settings and then it is way, way different because of the physical camera. I like it alot better now but i really do like haveing the option of both...especially if i'm feeling lazy!!

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