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Thread: Modelspace vs Paperspace

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    Default Modelspace vs Paperspace

    I have been using Autocad since release 10, however i have never learned how to use the paper space window, I just draw in the model space window, and I ignore the paper space window. I know there are some very good uses for the paper space window but, where do I go to find information on how to use this feature? I would gladly hear any suggestions.

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    Default Re: Modelspace vs Paperspace

    Hi there.
    First, follow the links listed in the "similar threads" box at the bottom of this page (the first four anyway).

    The basic premise is that the geometry (your "model" - 2d or 3d) goes in modelspace and everything else goes in paperspace. Depending on your industry and/or method of working, it is arguable in which space your dimensions go. See what works for you but I believe the general trend is more and more towards putting them in paperspace.

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    Default Re: Modelspace vs Paperspace


    Plus here are some additional threads that contain information about Paperspace Tutorials...


    Plot -vs Print

    Online tutorials, learning Cd's, books

    Need Paper space tutorial

    Modelspace and Paperspace training and tutorials

    Have a good one, Mike

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    Default Re: Modelspace vs Paperspace

    this office was in same boat till late last summer, we xref'd EVERYTHING (within reason). I updated our dept. standards to implement SSM, and it has gone a lot smoother than i had anticipated. we dim and note in paperspace.

    use the 'view window' copiously in your model files, (preferably using your view titles to name them), and placement onto sheets should be a breeze!

    set a view for the whole model! if you have RCP layered into your base plan for example, the layer settings can also be saved to the view window (and updated as needed in model), and that saves a lot of fiddling with layers after placment! to recap that last example: one view window for Floor Plan, one view window for RCP, same file.
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