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Thread: Revit Running on Intel Mac

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    Anyone sucessfully have Parallels running the boot camp as a VM and able to switch back and forth without breaking the activation for Revit 2014? I'd like to be able to do light Revit work in Parallels, then reboot via Boot Camp for any hard core work.

    Is there a trick to keeping Autodesk's activation happy for this setup? I know it works fine for native Parallels VM HD OR Boot Camp, but not sure if it's possible to have both.


    Windows 7 64bit and Parallels 9.

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    Default Re: Revit Running on Intel Mac

    What are the Current Max Specs for external displays? I have a 2009 MBP which is about to kick the bucket, but honestly, i'm not all that impressed by the current specs. Can I run 2 or 3 of the new 5K dell monitors? how about 4K Dell or Asus? Is there a thunderbolt graphics card that can support these monitors? I think that while at home, i would not use the notebook's monitor. My current macbook slows down considerably when I use my external monitor. When do you think the specs will get a boost? I'd like to see 32 gb memory and 4+ gb video. Looking at an Aorus + MSI also, but nobody make a box like apple.

    also, does anybody know about thunderbolt expansion? can I add more ram, external video card with these ports?
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