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Thread: Text search and replace routine across multiple drawing files

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    Default Text search and replace routine across multiple drawing files

    Hello there,

    As there are a lot of useful commands in autocad that invoke a command menu and are not (to my knowledge) scriptable, I have a problem. That or a whole lot of things to do with very little time.
    I'm getting more and more of these situations where I need to "push the button" through the command line and my understanding of lisp doesn't come with enough syntaxes to do this.
    For instance I want to replace text in a bunch of drawings from A2 to A6 using 'find'. Is there a way to prompt for the alt-key through the script or something else perhaps?



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    Default Re: Text search and replace routine across multiple drawing files

    Hi David,

    I would first have a look through the Lisp Forum, and see if someone else has already accomplished what you are trying to do. Someone was working on a search and replace routine recently that you may be able to adapt to your situation, and there may be others. There are also a lot of great people that monitor the forum that can help where needed.
    Tim Creary

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