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Thread: Compare AutoCAD system variables between drawings

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    Question Compare AutoCAD system variables between drawings

    Howdy world,

    A lot of system variables are drawing dependent, and offcourse - I don't know 'em all.
    Sometimes, something goes wrong with a drawing, you know its a setting, but ya don't know which one.

    With the command ACADINFO, it is possible to get a list off all the systemvariables of your AutoCAD (but it is a very long list) and comparing that is just nuts.

    For example: FILLMODE is a drawing dependent setting that specifies whether hatches (including solid fills and gradient fills), two-dimensional solids, and wide polylines are filled in. In this case, in one drawing I am able to hatch, in the other one not. If I don't know the variable FILLMODE, my search will be long. Thats why it would be VERY interesting to know a quick way to compare the variables between two drawings, to see which values are different, and to find a solution.

    Therefore - does anyone have any idea or there is a way to compare the variable between 2 drawings?


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    Default Re: Compare AutoCAD system variables between drawings

    I do not think there is a way already created in AutoCAD...I think you will have to come up with something, but I have to assume it needs to be made through .Net, maybe VBA (I am not that good at VBA, so I do not know), I may be wrong, but I am not sure if LISP can do it, although through a script it would be possible, but .Net would be cleaner...I am sure that it can be done...Unless you know how the DWG format works, you would need to have both drawings open (or if you want to compare x have x open) then run the command...Or it could open the drawings in a hidden mode (like Publish in background does)...It should write a text file or what would be really neat is if it could make a chart using Crystal Reports or maybe a chart from scratch in XML or something...I am definitely not that talented...The best I could do is a text file ...I would write something like that for you, but I am swamped doing other code...I am sure someone can help you out...There is some major genius here in the forums...

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    Default Re: Compare AutoCAD system variables between drawings

    Here is one idea:
    • For each drawing, use the system variable editor in either ToolPac or Express Tools and save the settings to a file .
    • Use a program like FCompare [ ] to compare these two files.
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    Default Re: Compare AutoCAD system variables between drawings

    That's exactly what i do. Works like a charm

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