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Thread: find and delete imported CAD plan

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    Ideate Revit Explorer Rules.
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    also check this one:

    though it's not as inclusive as previously mentioned tools,
    but it does find the hidden cads and clean them in a click

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    I am also an unfortunate member of the Can't-Find-The-Imported-Cad-File Club, and was excited to try out the Ideate Explorer. However, after installing running the plugin, It couldn't find the hidden imported .dwg files in my Revit Project! Has anyone run into this problem?
    Otherwise, the Ideate Explorer does look like a useful tool. I don't think it is necessarily the plugin's fault that the drawings don't show up... There may be something corrupt? We are running Revit 2012, so the ReviTonic won't work.
    Any suggestions what to do next?

    Would the troublesome files show up in my VG window via a linked RVT file? or a family? I'm out of ideas what to do next, there are hundred of view to search through, and if Ideate can't find it, I don't think I could either.
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    Can't believe it's been 4 years since Stefan's post & we still need a clean solution. I had this same problem yesterday where some DWGs still showed in VG\ Imported Categories even though I swore I deleted them all from my model!

    Dwg Explorer can remove these instantly & make the dwg-by-dwg purging process much easier though
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