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    I'm learning how to use the camera in revit to export images of my building, so I can photoshop the image into photographs of existing sites.

    The one thing that is messing me around though is the "target elevation" in view properties. What am I defining when I change the target elevation? I know that the eye elevation is the height of the camera, and that my target is my revit model, but should the target elevation be the height of my building?

    For example, my building is about 300' high, but the camera view is setup so there is about 50' of sky above it, so does this mean the target elevation should be 350' (300+50), 300', or other?


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    For target elevation - imagine that you are the camera and eye height is just that, now, target elevation is where you are looking. So, for example, if you are 6', then your eye height is about 5'-6". If you want to look straight ahead, then your target elevation would be 5'-6" also. If you want to look up, then set the target elevation for something higher - 20', 40', 100'. But - be warned that if you look up, or down, the perspective gets skewed. Revit does not keep vertical lines vertical in perspective. Usually what I do is set my eye height and target height to be the same and then just stretch the crop region up to see higher.
    Hope that helps.

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    Thank you, thats just the answer I was looking for; that answers everything.

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