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Thread: superficie en puntos como lo hago?

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    Question superficie en puntos como lo hago?

    hello! thank you very much to all the people who responded to my call, finally already I could place points, the indispensable element in civilian 3d are the points? I believe that if unless somebody dissipates the doubt to me, good I interpret asi, with points I can define a land that I create, either concerns points with data X, and, Z(elevacion) in fact contains the information, I put them in a group and or but or the less me salio, now my doubt is since I make a surface on the basis of those points that or I have? if I can use the points that define the land? as the surface with those points can be done that estan in a group and contain X, and, z if it can or that I must do? if somebody can help agradecere muchisimo me, I must just a short time to be able to make the surface, and despues the contours of the surface... somebody can help me? them control the points that I already have in civilian 3d, is a file DWG where it places the points I hope that somebody can help me to greetings bye.
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    Default Re: superficie en puntos como lo hago?

    Para crear una superficie con puntos , utiliza TOOLSPACE creas una superficie y definicion----- Point Group-----add----TERRENO NATURAL
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