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Thread: Repeat the last command by hitting a single key

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    Default Repeat the last command by hitting a single key

    Based on the title of my inquiry, you can tell I am a new user to AutoCAD and presently enrolled in the CAD Certificate program at Purdue to learn the program properly. My question is when I am repeating an object such as a line or circle or any other command, I would like the option of hitting a single key, such as a function key, which will repeat the last command without having to resort to a toolbar repeatedly. Another application for this option would be the use of AutoCAD in measuring linear or square feet of space. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You, JAD.

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    Default Re: Repeat the last command by hitting a single key

    Hit the space bar or the enter key, or the right mouse button (may have to set up as enter in customization).

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    Default Re: Repeat the last command by hitting a single key

    Kent's solution is the right answer, I've been using the spacebar for over 17 years...many others the right click. Also, Welcome to AUGI!
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    Default Re: Repeat the last command by hitting a single key

    You can also use multiple before a command to make it repeat. I create a command alias of mu for it.
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