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Thread: Better Revisions,Addendums 8.5x11

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    I downloaded and modified but I can't get it to print correctly... Perhaps I changed something while editing. See attached.
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    OK. We've figured out how to get these sketch titleblock overlays to print correctly.
    The first step is to make sure the masking region (actually a solid white filled region surrounding the sketch area) is a very large square. We use 4'x4' to make sure it completely covers the sheet underneath. Make sure the extents of this massive masking region is centered exactly on your sketch titleblock (this will ensure proper printing later). The solid filled region and titleblock should both be in the same family.
    Make sure the Print Range is set to "Current window" (not "Visible portion of current window").
    Make sure under Settings that Paper Placement is set to "Center". With the large white mask being the outermost geometry, Revit will center to that, meaning your sketch will center on the printed layout.
    Make sure Zoom is set to 100% (do not fit to page).
    The resulting print will center the sketch titleblock on the page and print at true scale.

    It would be great if we could find a way to place these sketch titleblocks in the Project Browser in such a way that their numbering sequence is not only viewable, but also if they could be recalled easily (like a Go to View type of command). Making them Groups will probably work for now, but it doesn't seem to offer much besides creating a running list in the Browser. Even having them feed to an internal schedule with their various parameters reporting would be a huge help (perhaps listing Sketch #, Sketch Name, Date, Scale, and perhaps most importantly, which sheet they're placed on). For now I think we'll just be hiding the sketch titleblocks once the PDF of the sketch has been generated. We'll have to refer to the PDF to determine what the referencing sheet for the sketch is if we happen to need to find it again.

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    I have tried using this family in 2013. The titleblock shows up over the drawings, but the masking region does not mask anything, it is clear. Suggestions?

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