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Thread: AutoCAD LT 2002 on Vista

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    Default AutoCAD LT 2002 on Vista

    Loaded LT 2002 on new laptop with Vista - worked until I got to arc and it gave me an internal error Gedit 3 - any help would be great ? P.S. This is my first post, hope I got it right!

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    Default Re: AutoCAD LT 2002 on Vista

    Hi adlafferty, (Sorry I don't know your name)

    First, Welcome to AUGI

    From what I understand only AutoCAD 2008 LT will run on Windows Vista but a patch to allow AutoCAD LT 2007 to run is in the works.

    Go to THIS post to see the announcement.

    I'm not sure if Autodesk will make a patch to allow AutoCAD LT 2002 to work on Vista but my guess would be no.

    Hope this helps
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    Post Re: AutoCAD LT 2002 on Vista

    Hi guys,
    I agree with Scott, it is unlikely that the patch will resolve things for LT 2002. I upgraded to LT 2008, about 4 weeks ago, however I still had "teething troubles" with Vista.

    Given that this is a frustrating problem to overcome I thought it helpful to post at least one possible solution, to help the increasing number of LT users moving over to Vista. This solution over on the Autodesk Discussion Groups is a rather long discussion; so if you scroll right to the bottom, one member has summed things up nicely.
    LT (not Full) checks for other applications running and triggers a timer that ultimately causes this "Gedit3" error; which indicates either a conflict with hardware drivers: (update your drivers) or it flags a collision with system software.
    Hope this helps, Cheers!
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