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Thread: Foundation Footing Schedule Issue

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    Default Foundation Footing Schedule Issue

    I am using the "elevation at bottom" field as part of my schedule. I have itemize every instance checked on (for my check process). I have a couple of walls that are reading "varies" in this column in the schedule. My problem is the elevation does not vary. To make matters more confusing, they are drawn exactly the same as the other walls that are scheduling fine. If I pull the wall back so it does not intersect with it's neighbour (that is drawn the same way) it schedules the elevation correctly. As soon as I trim to join the walls, the one wall schedules "varies" again. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
    Makes no sense to me. All of the wall properties are identical to the walls that are scheduling correctly. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance, Jen

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    Default Re: Foundation Footing Schedule Issue

    Did you ever find out what was going on, Jennifer? Does anyone else have an idea?

    I am having essentially the same problem. Can anyone explain to me how/why one of these wall footings has an Elevation at Bottom of "Varies"? This is driving me (and one of our structural drafters) nuts! Not to mention the fact that this issue is filling a schedule and a boatload of foundation tags with lies.

    Note that if you delete the shorter of the two footings, the longer one no longer "varies."
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    Default Re: Foundation Footing Schedule Issue

    I too have same problem in Revit 12
    I did find that if say 4 footings are touching that by removing "some" or all, it will fix it and show the right height.

    No one has found an answer yet?

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    Default Re: Foundation Footing Schedule Issue

    Same problem in all years release, will not be fixed until more users log problem with Autodesk.

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