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Thread: Changing Annotation Size/Scale

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    Default Changing Annotation Size/Scale

    Say I create a view at a certain scale (so it will fit on a page) but then it makes the grid bubbles so small or big that you can't see them or they cartoonish since they are so big.

    Is there an override command that can change the scale of the Annotation objects only?


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    Default Re: Changing Annotation Size/Scale

    No for what you want to do you will need to create another family. For example if your grid bubble are 1/2" diameter and you would want them bigger, duplicate the family, rename to say 3/4" and adjust the geometry accordingly then swap in the project.

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    Default Re: Changing Annotation Size/Scale

    This is an advantage or REVIT - not a disadvantage. Annotation items like grid bubbles - text - section heads are all sized according to your standard for printed output. If your grid bubbles are sized at 3/8", they will print at 3/8" no matter what scale the view is set for.

    This is all based on the assumption that you want to be able to read these items at any scale. If you are out-putting at such a small scale that the grid bubbles "look cartoonish" then maybe you should turn them off .... or turn off the intermediate bubbles and just have the beginning and end ones.

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