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Thread: Place a Mile Marker Block along a alignment path (Polyline)

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    Default Place a Mile Marker Block along a alignment path (Polyline)

    I’m trying to put mile markers on our system map. I drew a pline down the center of the road and then ran the Measure command. The blocks will be aligned with the pline, and inserted every 5280 ft or every mile. The Measure command works but because you have to turn the block to text, I would have to explode all the blocks and manually put the correct number in for every mile marker.

    The text needs to be increments of 1, to keep the same rotation as the block, and I need to be able to change the prefix infront of the number.

    Highway 1 name: Richardson Highway
    Text to say: RICH MP ###
    Highway 2 name: Chena Hot Springs Road
    Text to say: CHSR MP ###

    Any help I could get would be great considering I have 5 major highways to do equaling well over 1000 miles.

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    Default Re: Place a Mile Marker Block along a alignment path (Polyline)

    Below is a post for my stationing routine.
    Hopefully you can adapt it for your needs.

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    Default Re: Place a Mile Marker Block along a alignment path (Polyline)

    my solution might not work, but it is worth checking. create a block that has an attribute for the number, that way you dont need to explode it. then because most highways dont double back on themselves, you can select all the blocks and use the express tool tcount to increment the numbers using the y order for north/south and x order for east/west. use the replace option and replace the ### with the incremented number.

    Like I said, it might not work, but give it a shot on a small section, if it works, it will save you a ton of time, otherwise, after you explode the block, you could still use the tcount command as above to accomplish it.
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