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Thread: Civil - Corrugated metal culvert pipes with end sections

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    Arrow Civil - Corrugated metal culvert pipes with end sections


    I have finally finished the two types of corrugated metal culvert pipes.
    CMP = Corrugated Metal Pipe
    CMMAC = Corrugated Metal - Metal Arch Culvert
    The sizes for both are standard here in Kansas, check your area for differences.

    The pay length for the metal pipes is the same as the pipe length (See my concrete pipes) but eliminates the need to select the grip to see the length. The two line of text are on a "NoPlot" layer that can be turned off for plotting, or frozen if you do not need to see it.

    You will need to do a regen (or whatever you normally do to update fields) to see the correct label.

    This is a replacement for the CMP that I uploaded earlier. The shape of the "curved lines" on the end sections is simpler on these but the dimensions of the end sections match our standard details.

    I do have one question. When rotated upside down the dimension corrects itself (AutoCAD 2006) but the attribute does not. Anything I can do to fix that.


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    Default Re: Civil - Corrugated metal culvert pipes with end sections

    Thanks, man. this culvert i'm trying to do whole day and I can't do it, bet now little bit improve your sample I do it and it working really good!

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