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Thread: Shake Siding Pattern

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    Default Shake Siding Pattern

    I know this has been discussed before but I can't find a decent and basic wood shake siding pattern. The one that ships with autocad that we've been using in Revit has a random horizontal bottom edge and really doesn't portray a traditional shake siding.

    I need one that is basically just horizontal lines spaced about 5" apart and random vertical lines. See attached.

    I would really appreciate it if someone could share one that they've made. It'd be even more great if someone has these in 5", 7" and 12" versions. And super super great if someone could post a .rvt file that already has the shake loaded so I can transfer project settings to my project.

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    Default Re: Shake Siding Pattern

    Monochrome vertical and horizontal lines work fine (as expected ) with a raster import control we've currently under development for HatchKit. - quite good results can be attained from simple straight line images but vectorization rapidly becomes an adventure when curves or filled areas are attempted.

    The attached Revit Model pattern was scaled to give nominal 5" shake spacing - the whole 7-row pattern repeats in exactly 35" lifts.

    Do shakes get wider when spaced further apart or do they retain the same material width? Pardon my ignorance - shakes aren't often used here.

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    Default Re: Shake Siding Pattern

    There are several hatch patterns for shakes/shingles posted in this THREAD. See if any can help

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    Default Re: Shake Siding Pattern

    Thank you for the shake5in.pat!!! That just saved me hours of work. Not sure why these kinds of hatches aren't more readily available.

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    Default Re: Shake Siding Pattern

    In Revit 2015, I am trying to change the wood shake material from a dark brown to a beige color. Can not find how to modify this in the material editor. Anyone know where Revit stores these base image files and what format they are saved in?

    Thank you!

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