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Thread: How to Import EXCEL file into Revit?

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    Default How to Import EXCEL file into Revit?

    Anybody knows how to import/link an Excel file into Revit?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: How to Import EXCEL file into Revit?

    You cant link. What you can do if you have AutoCAD 2008 is link in AutoCAD then link that in Revit.
    It works very well

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    Default Re: How to Import EXCEL file into Revit?

    Philosophically that might sound great, but I believe you are comparing the proverbial apples to chocolate fudge....the only similarity is that they're both food. But it stops there.

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    Default Re: How to Import EXCEL file into Revit?

    Please don't double post the same text in a different thread. I just posted a reply to this in the other location.

    Moderators: Please clean this up.
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    If you want just the text from Excel, copy the cells, like a print area, open a new Drafting View (thats what we did) Select Text tool and click insertion point and paste.

    You now have a TEXT block in Revit that can be fully manipulated except for formulas.

    You may have to reset some of the Tabs as things seem to move.

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