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    Default Sloping Walls

    Summary: Sloping walls, whether straight or curved, should be easier to model and not require editing of masses to achieve these forms.

    Description: Native functionality for creating straight & curved sloping walls, including the ability to host standard objects such as windows and doors either vertically or parallel with the wall slope. Creating sloping walls from massing is pointless unless they have the exact same funtionality as standard vertical walls ie. fillet, trim, attatch to roof & manipulation of skins etc.

    How Used: I really needed this feature recently for one of my students who wanted curved sloping walls with individual skins and parallel-to-wall hosted windows in a design assignment. Sloping walls from masses don't behave the same as regular walls (cannot be edited easily, unless you keep the mass, edit it and re-make the walls). It should be simpler to create these forms.

    Feature Affinity: Walls

    Submitted By: Rick Bulic on September 15, 2007

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    Default Re: Sloping Walls

    Well, windows parallel to the surface of a slanted wall sounds wrong for a number of reasons, chiefly: windows manufacturer will probably never warrant a product design to be vertical to be installed at an angle. Waterproofing issues.
    Said that, I really believe that walls created using masses do clean and join, most of the times. Also, there may be workaround where you use a curtain wall, instead of a simple wall, and then one of the panels becomes actually a window.
    The Factory made masses and mass-related modeling available for this exact need: unusual geometries.

    In any case, I decided to respond to this one because this sounds like a cool but totally unrealistic feature that I would hate to see Autodesk spend any resource on before fixing basic issues still unresolved in Revit 2013.

    In other words, this looks like the new "Displaced View" of Revit 2013, which allows you to create exploded axonometries (or perspectives) of your model, and have lines unite the exploded vertices.... I remember I made such a drawing fro my thesis project, a very complex model made in form Z. Yeah, sure, I could have used this new feature back then, but for the next 15 years I have never really "needed" the feature.

    Instead, I don't know, a partition schedule? It's done every single project, everywhere, yet there is no BIM way to do it in Revit, unless you "hack" phases.
    What about Window schedule? There is no real hack, and windows schedule are needed every day, everywhere.

    Just saying....



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    Default Re: Sloping Walls

    Actually, there are windows made for sloping walls, such as Mansard roofs. I agree with the wish. A sloping, curving wall should be able to be built and to function as a flat, vertical wall. Autodesk has such walls in their facility in San Francisco.

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