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Thread: Masses & Floor Faces

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    Default Masses & Floor Faces

    I am using massing for the initial stages of a multi-level apartment project and was hoping
    to generate schedules for areas such as Internal Unit, Walkways, Balconies etc.
    Of course I have to place Floor Faces for the areas to be calculated.
    The balconies & walkways are masses that extrude from floor level to 200mm below floor level.
    What I'm finding is that even though Floor Faces have been selected, they don't always generate.
    The top of the mass has to be something higher than 50mm above floor level for them to show up.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Masses & Floor Faces

    Create the masses for your decks and walkways as full height extrusions and then create your floor area faces from those. You can then create floors by face for each floor area face using a different floor type and schedule them separately.

    PS Be sure to chose a better color scheme
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    Default Re: Masses & Floor Faces

    We were trying to use masses solely for the generation of the schedule so we only had to produce one schedule (ie that could show calculated fields of Internal Unit/Walkway = efficiency).
    I guess this would require we place floors by faces to all masses and base schedule on floors not masses.
    It would be nice if masses alone could do the job.

    Thanks for response

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