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Thread: MEP for Fire Alarms?

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    Question MEP for Fire Alarms?

    I am new to CAD software and am looking to learn how to layout and design fire alarms as well as security systems with AutoCad. I have already decided to purchase one of the Autodesk products since they are obviously the standard, but am not sure which product would be appropriate for my needs. I would of course like to purchase the least costly version necessary for my needs, but to not want to sacrifice any tools/features that I might need. My main tasks would be to take already designed DWG files provided by architects/engineers and to add a layer(s) showing symbols representing fire/burglar alarm devices as well as their associated wires. I assume it would be very similar to a version that an electrical designer/contractor would use to design the building's electrical and lighting systems.

    I was originally leaning towards AutoCad LT, but after doing more and more digging, now it seems like MEP might be more suited to what I would be doing. As I mentioned, I am not experienced with CAD software and whichever program I decide on, I am sure that there will be a heavy learning curve; I just want to make sure that I start off on the right foot with the correct software.

    I would appreciate any input as to which product would most appropriately complete this task; as well as any recommended books/tutorials to get me started.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Default Re: MEP for Fire Alarms?

    Hi John,

    I think AMEP would be your best bet for fire alarm design. There are already a few fire alarm devices in the Out-Of-The-Box (OOTB) version of AMEP. Also, the ability to schedule and tag devices and conduits/wires in AMEP is easier than any other AutoCAD software that I'm aware of.

    As for books/tutorials I would see if you could download a trial version of AMEP and run through the electrical tutorial it should give you a pretty good taste of what you can do OOTB and maybe give you ideas on how you can customize the program for your needs.

    Hope this helps,
    Scott Telthorst
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    Default Re: MEP for Fire Alarms?

    Depending on how detailed you need to be in the actual electrical connections, wiring, etc., Autocad Electrical would be another consideration. OOTB, it is mostly geard towards industrical motor controls, etc., but is customizable.
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