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Thread: Take Revit Sheets to Illustrator - help?

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    Default Take Revit Sheets to Illustrator - help?

    My marketing department uses Illustrator to modify floor plans for presentation. We are using Revit for creating the plans and adding initial colors, fonts, etc..

    Has anyone had success in moving sheets to Illustrator from Revit so the designer can utilize layers, text, vector lines...


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    Default Re: Take Revit Sheets to Illustrator - help?

    You can always export you view in Revit to AutoCAD DWG format, that Illustrator can read. When you export to DWG from Revit, it will generate layers for all Revit elements, and of course, lines and vectors.

    From there, your marketing dept. knows what to do, I assume.

    As a 2nd option (and this one I'm not sure), I think you can print your Revit plans to PDF and then Illustrator will read it and save as an AI file. However, no layers...

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    Default Re: Take Revit Sheets to Illustrator - help?

    Print to PDF and import to Illustrator is probably your best bet, although things might get messy if you have any particularly fiddly logos - PDF can remove some detail from complex graphics.

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    Default Re: Take Revit Sheets to Illustrator - help?

    Printing to PDF works very well - as long as you are printing vector objects from Revit. I have used this extensively with CorelDraw (more robust than Illustrator for vector graphics), but the process works basically the same. The vector graphics pop right into Corel from a PDF as linework. All scaled to the final print sheet and ready to go. However, if you have shadows or colors fills that must be printed using raster - then the PDF will only contain blocks of raster images. Not at all what you want in Illustrator.

    As an aside - I use both Illustrator (our office standard) and CorelDraw. For architectural work you should really look at CorelDraw. Corel X3 has a great feature where you can use the paint bucket to create a shape and place a fill. This makes going from linework to filled areas very - no - extremely fast. Illustrator tries to do a similar thing with the live paint tool, but it is such a slow pain after working with the Corel tools. It is worth a look if you are planning on doing a lot of this. Corel files can be dumped down to Illustrator files if you like.
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