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    Default Grid Line Phases

    Hi all,

    We have a situation where we have different phases of construction with respective Structural grid lines. We want to be able to turn off certain grids once the phase is over, but grid lines apparently aren't able to have phases assigned to them. How would we go about turning certain grid lines off during a specific phase of construction.

    Part 2: Due to it's size, our building has seperate Core/Shell and Interior model files linked together. The Grid Lines are in the Core/Shell file, but the users working in the Interiors file are the ones who want to turn off the grid lines. Is this possible?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Grid Line Phases

    A few options...worksets, design options, Scope Box

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    Default Re: Grid Line Phases

    For Part 2 all you need to do:

    1. Hit VG on your keyboard (if you haven't changed your keyboard shortcuts)

    2. Click the Annotation Categories Tab

    3. Scroll down to Grids and uncheck the box.

    That will turn off the grids in their drawings. However, I think you would have to adjust it in the drawing that the grids are actually in though.

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    Default Re: Grid Line Phases

    As Steve mentioned, Scope boxes work well for this. We had a multip phase project with different grid setups, and Scope Boxes worked well for this application.

    As far as the linked models go, you can turn them off in views in the Interiors model by going to the VG dialogue, under the Revit Links tab. If you click the button that says "by host view" and put it on Custom, it will put you in ANOTHER VG boc, just for the linked files items. Go to Annotations, switch it to custom, and turn off Grids.

    If you need to adjust grid heads in specific views, however, you will need the grids IN the interios model. For that, use Copy Monitor, so the grids no to always check against the Core Package...

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