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Thread: Left mouse click to slow !!!

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    Default Left mouse click to slow !!!

    It feels like when i click on menu buttons in revit that sometimes it does not recognise my pick because the speed which i let go of the left button is to fast for widows to see a valid pick.

    I hope there is a fix / hack in the registry somewhere that allows this to be sped up or change the way it operates.

    I know that in autocad there was an issue with this in an earlier releases and the add on from qik pik software fixed this by getting windows to acknowledge the pick with the on switch / press of the left pick, (windows waits for you to release the button before any actions work)

    This has been frustrating me as my speed in revit is improving and haveing to re select the menu button again to get the command to work is driving me crazy i cant select any slower feels like im in go slow mode.



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    Default Re: Left mouse click to slow !!!

    Ok It's me, i'm moving away from the menu button to quickly as i release the mouse button, seems i'm to anxious to get back in the model.

    Will have to try and be more precise and release while still over the button.

    I must say its left over from the qik pic days of autocad, it did a make a difference to have the command activate on the press rather than the release, Anyway please disregard this post for now.


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