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Thread: Strategy for Revision Cloud Creation

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    Default Strategy for Revision Cloud Creation

    While I would still prefer an approach similar to AutoCAD or MicroStation, I just thought I'd share a quick Strategy for Revision Cloud creation that in most cases has proven to be quicker than the clickity-click approach we all know and love. This method also results in a consistent / predictable cloud segment if that does anything for you . See the steps below and the attached wmv file:

    1 Draw a Line of a Given Length
    2 Cut the Line from the View or Sheet
    3 Launch the Revision Cloud Command
    4 Paste the Line into the Sketch
    5 Draw a Cloud Segment by Snapping to the Endpoints of the Line
    6 Delete the Line
    7 Use the Copy and Rotate Commands on the Cloud Segment to Produce Your Cloud
    8 Finish the Sketch

    While the initial creation of a cloud using this method may require about the same number of clicks as the typical clickity-click approach, additional clouds should be generated quicker as it is easier to copy and modify a previously placed cloud.

    Note that the attached video is placing clouds on the sheet view but this method will also work if you prefer to place them on the actual views. You will just need to do the math on the line segment length for different scales if you wish all of the clouds to look the same on the sheet.

    Also note that cutting the construction line from the view or sheet and pasting it into the sketch is not necessary. Once in the sketch mode of the revision cloud command you can actually still snap to the endpoints of the construction line outside of the sketch but just need to remember to delete it once you finish the cloud.

    Happy clouding!
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    Default Re: Strategy for Revision Cloud Creation

    Well, something else about Revit that HAS to improve. But, meanwhile, I'll do like you told.
    Loved the "clickity-click" expression. Remembered the song from moloco.

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    Default Re: Strategy for Revision Cloud Creation

    What is the point of drawing the line? You can do click the start and end of the cloud segment without a line there to guide you. I've done this before and there's no way it's a time saver, plus it still looks bad.

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