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Thread: Applying Script To Multiple layouts problem?

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    Default Applying Script To Multiple layouts problem?

    Hello All:
    This is the Problem I can't find a solution for:
    I'm working with drawings and each drawing contains 4 layouts,1 layout for every zone of the basements (every basement floor has 4 zones=>4 layouts for the same floor with 1 architectural xref ).I'm running a batchscript that opens the file ,erase the title block, replace it with another block ,zoom extents in tilemode=0 and tilemode =1, do a qsave then exit and start with another file,it's working for the first layout but the other 3 layouts are still the same with no modifications,Is there a way to issue a command that will switch from one layout to the next so I can repeat the same script for the other 3 layouts.does anyone have a script that will do this sequential switch from 1st layout to all other layouts on the same file.Any help is appreciated.

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    Default Re: Applying Script To Multiple layouts problem?

    You'll have to add some LISP to your script, e.g. (remove the comments marked in green):
    ;; Get a VLAX handle to the document
    (setq doc (vla-get-ActiveDocument (vlax-get-acad-object)))
    ;; Get the collection of Layouts
    (setq tabs (vla-get-Layouts doc))
    ;; Step through each layout
    (vlax-for tab tabs
      ;; Check if not Model tab
      (if (not (vla-get-Name tab) "Model")
          (setvar "CTAB" (vla-get-Name tab)) ;Open current tab
          (command "_ERASE" (ssget "x" '((0 . "INSERT") (2 . "OldBlockName"))) "") ;Command to erase old TB
          (command ".-INSERT" "c:\\Path\\NewBlockName.DWG" "0,0" "" "" "");Command to insert new
           (command "_ZOOM" "_Extents")
    ZOOM E
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