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Thread: Revit Wall Naming Convention

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    Lightbulb Revit Wall Naming Convention

    Okay, I have attached a pdf of my first major stab at Revit Wall Naming conventions.

    I know that some of you will probably hate it cause it's encrypted and complicated while others of you will hopefully like it for just that reason.

    I would really appreciate some "critical" feedback for this. What are your thoughts...what pitfalls do you see...what benefits.

    Feel free to ask me to clarify anything.

    I am not looking for comments like..."too complicated..." but if you think it is, tell why and how it could affect our workflow in Revit. I know it's complicated, I want to know WHY you think it is and what problems you forsee.

    I hope this thread will help fellow reviteers in their standards endeavor as well, particularly with walls.

    On a side note, I wish there was a way to "hard coat" the wall name from the wall construction we set up for the wall in Revit. The major pitfall I see of any naming of walls is that if you ever edit/change the wall type composition, you have to manually update the name...just a thought.
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    Default Re: Revit Wall Naming Convention

    We have a system for standard interior partitions. However we have a very lose system for exterior walls.

    Our system is WAY shorter than yours.

    A few comments. Why dor you need the F? Why not just S and W instead of FS and FW?

    We shortended our widths to nominal units based on the stud width. So just 3 or 6. We don't use 3 1/2" metal studs so there is no need to slice things that fine.

    The rating is just a parameter on the wall for us.

    Save some space and just use <Description> rather than <<<Description>>>. I think everyone gets the idea. Or just drop it all together and keep it as the description parameter. This forces users to learn the system. Why the underscores? That is so retro. Something like
    1/2" Gyp.>3 5/8" Stud<1/2" Gyp. Would be more Revit as the >< could indicate the >Core<.

    Adding in the STC as a shared instance parameter greatly reduces the number of wall types required. But this does requite a little more checking as you assemble the documents.

    It is a complex issue. I've suggested that what Revit really needs is sub-types. So you could have one wall which is gyp. stud gyp. and then have several variations of thickness and type developed from that. It would save a lot of organizational time.
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    Default Re: Revit Wall Naming Convention

    Great comment...I am currently getting more feedback here in house, and will share some of that feedback with you guys once I come to some more conclusions about how this should work.

    fyi...we are looking at getting rid of the STC and the Fire Rating all together in the wall name. The comment was made that if you can see the component construction, you can have a good idea of what the ratings will be with a little experience. Plus, as you mentioned, it's data in the wall properties that be looked at manually if necessary.

    The "<<<..." really was a stupid was late yesterday and I was just trying to indicate the "construction" section of the name. Nice comment on the "retro"-ness of my naming

    As far as your STC comment, I don't know that I completely understand. The STC rating is based on the wall construction, and since the wall construction is by Type, why would you want the Rating to be by instance?...let me know your thoughts...maybe I'm looking at it from the wrong perspective.
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    Default Re: Revit Wall Naming Convention

    Ours are rough first/second attempts as well, but ive been using them fairly well on projects, and they are easiy to sort through.

    For stacked walls we use the thickest designation, and the same system bith with blackslashes "STONE/EIFS - MTL STD - GYP" and so on.

    I tossed up the one on families too. Its not bulletproof, but its better than the "everyone throw their initials after the family and project name" method that existed before hand...
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    Default Re: Revit Wall Naming Convention

    very nice...this will be helpful to us and many other Reviteers I am sure...thanks for the post.

    P.S. I was just fixing to tackle family naming conventions, so thanks again!
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    Default Re: Revit Wall Naming Convention

    One more comment regarding the families naming convention. We have "pre-fixed" our family names with their corresponding "MasterSpec" number...this really helps organize the drop down list, particular with things defined as "components." It also helps us keep our Family Library Organized a little more in depth...just a thought. I took me a while to set it up this way though, since I had to go and rename all of the existing "out of box" families with their "MasterSpec" number as a prefix...but I accomplished it and like it pretty well.
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    Default Re: Revit Wall Naming Convention

    I find in the Revit library im often looking for things based on what theyre used for... So the CONST families are ones that are just components made to model things like EIFS cornices that are at angles, wall brackets, etc... I know if i need to find a Profile, i sort by name and go to PRF. I know a few places are sorting the families directory by catagory, but thats tough if a lot of things get modeled as Generic Models, but dont get me started on that, LOL...

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    Default Re: Revit Wall Naming Convention

    I don't have critical comments about your system, I prefer a more minimal naming convention aproach...this is what we do

    X CFMF 4" x-BRK i-GWB 5/8" (like my rainbow?)

    I care about whether the wall is an eXterior or Interior wall, the core of the wall, the exterior material (size where applicable) and the interior material (size where applicable)

    one would be allowed to add parts, but the main structure is that....we don't want to be the Revit Police though....

    Anyways, just thought to share

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    Default Re: Revit Wall Naming Convention

    Here is my take on it. I believe they way most people select a wall is governed by this list of priorities:

    1. Interior/Exterior
    2. Wall Type (Type Mark) - first the Core and Exterior Finish, then the sub-types are the varies of wall type that stem from interior finish, thicknesses, etc.
    3. Ratings

    One can have a file for each core type with numerous variations. Then copy whichever walls into the project. The sub-type could be specific to a project.

    I like the way these list too.
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    Default Re: Revit Wall Naming Convention

    our system is simple

    core layer - thickness - finish layer ie WF4A. This means wood frame, 2x4, with 1/2" gwb each side (the A is a value that represents different finish based on a schedule). when the wall gets more complicated we can break it down into pieces (such as when there is a concrete wall we would use a C8 tag for the concrete, then the type desigantion listed above). if there are sound batts we add a i to the tag and type x gwb we use a x. so you might have a WF4Bxi. if it is a fire seperation we use a legend to like the wall to a tested value.

    Exterior walls are designated as E1, E2 etc. each wall is different and doesn't need a code because it is shown on the wall sections and such.

    Seems to work and once you know the code it is easy to look at a plan and know what the wall type if by looking at the code.


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