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Thread: coordinates in revit

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    Default coordinates in revit

    1. How to import the dwg file with same coordinates into revit, for eg. i am importing cad files into revit with origin to origin option, but then, when I pick coordinates in revit it showing different value then in cad file. and when i import using center to center option then i specified coordinate at a point, but then the next points values are not same/correct as in auto cad!!

    2. My plot is rectangle in shape but the sides are not parallel to the monitor screen, normally in auto cad we use UCS to align the sides to our screens, in revit how to do that?? can any one explain about true north and project north and its uses?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: coordinates in revit

    1. Import your CAD file center to center, move and rotate if needed and acquire coordinates from the CAD file. Doing this, you are sharing coordinates between both Revit file and CAD.

    2. If that's only one view, you can turn ON crop region, select it and rotate. If not you may want to consider changing the project north. True north is the actual true north for the building when built. Project north is how the drawing is related to the drawing area.

    Andre Carvalho

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    Default Re: coordinates in revit

    hi Andre,
    The real problem for me is the master plan which is more then 10 km and the cad origin is too for as well, in this forum some where i read that i have to relocate the origin in master plan file and while exporting from revit to cad then again we have to relocate. I think thats the way i should do...........dont know what problem will arise out of it!

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    Default Re: coordinates in revit

    Hello all,

    trying to follow up on this instead of opening a new thread.
    also searched for the issue, here and googled.

    I am exchanging DWGs from within a revit model
    and dealing with the 2 miles limit (RAC 2010 - SP3)

    I imported a DWG cad file (survey, more than 2 miles limit)
    moved it and rotated it, and then acquired coordinates.

    It didnt't work so I:

    - drew a line in CAD, and noted the coordinates
    - assigned those coordinates to the point in revit.

    That worked. coordinates are correct (with project north previously
    acquired, that was correct, coordinates weren't)

    So now, when I EXPORT the dwgs from the revit model,
    it works, they go in the right position if :

    copyclip --> paste to original coordinates

    If i IMPORT the dwgs into revit, it doesn't work

    it says that they don't share coordinates so it will
    use survey and aling it with world in ACAD; that's
    what I want.

    it says: I can't because it might not display properly
    so center to center option will be used.

    In the beginning it was working, but can't figure
    out what's going on now.

    Since we are exporting files to consultants and importing
    I wish I don't have to save any UCS or position into the ACAD
    files ....

    I hope it is understandable



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