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    We're having performance issues with Revit due to the large temp file it creates. When the file reaches a certain size, people with less hard drive space can't save. I've read through the other posts that I could find, and know that Revit should be closed occasionally to clean out the temp file, but I was wondering if there was a way to get the temp file to save to another drive. Our computers are partitioned with a smaller C drive and a larger D drive. By default it saves the temp file to the C drive, is there a way to repath this?


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    Just put your local file on your D:\ drive since it has the larger partition size? No matter how often you shutdown Revit the backup file will always be roughly the same size as the actual local file.

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    I've heard it's more of an issue with a filesize limit windows has on individual folders, because we have had the same errors here with 50gig free on our C: drives.
    It's still a good idea to get the revit temp files out of the windows temp files. To do that right-click on the my computer icon and go to properties. Under the advanced tab go to environment variables. Crearte a new folder somewhere on your D drive or wherever you want it to be (revit_temp for example) and then repath the TMP variable to that folder. Next time you start revit you should see that folder populate.

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    Cool Re: Revit Temp File

    Has the problem with the temp files on C been resolved. All of the message are in 2008 and 2007. I was not having the problem on 2010 Revit only on Revit 2012.

    I don't know how to change the files to D.


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