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    Default Drawing status bar icons in AutoCAD 2009

    Can anyone tell me if there is a system variable that controls which icons are present on the drawing status bar (Annotation scale, Annotation visibility & AutoScale) in ACAD 2009? I am aware that these can be turned off via the button at the far right of the status bar but I would like to set this on startup.

    Eddy Bussiere
    smp engineering

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    Default Re: Drawing status bar icons in AutoCAD 2009

    this might be a late reply, but if you turn them on/off as desired, then save the workspace to a name, and set that workspace to active at startup, that will work.

    i have created my own workspace called 'default' with my toolbars, ribbons, and options set, and i have a startup lsp file wich says (set wscurrent = 'default') and that loads every dwg with my workspace, and my options set

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