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Thread: plotted lineweights way too light!!!

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    Exclamation plotted lineweights way too light!!!

    We are having a major problem with printing from Revit Architecture 2009.

    When we print straight to our plotter, all the lineweight come out fine - just as they appear on the screen, but when we print to a PDF with CutePDFwriter or publish to a DWF, all the lineweights are way too light. You can hardly make out the dimension line.

    We first encountered this when sending a set out to our local printer, who blamed it on us having the wrong drivers. After doing alot of research we have come up empty handed. Everyone keeps pointing to the next guy.

    PLEASE HELP! If it is a driver issue, where are these imfamouse drivers? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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    Default Re: plotted lineweights way too light!!!

    DWF gave me alot of problems also, what ended up happening for me was I spent a week going back and forth with the plotting company and they where able to change some settings on there end and things improved 100%.

    As far as PDF plotting goes I have Cute PDF writter but I only use it for word docs, I have not tryed plotting from Revit with it. In the past I used Bluebeam and Adobe and never had a problem.

    If you can invit the printers IT manager to your office to discuss the matter. It may take for them to see what you are doing for them to become more willing to work out the problem.
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    Default Re: plotted lineweights way too light!!!

    Does the lineweight come out wrong if you print the same section from the pdf to your printer?

    Checking that will determine if it's your setting or theirs. My pdf prints look lighter on screen, but print the same as if I printed directly from Revit.
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    Default Re: plotted lineweights way too light!!!

    ditto, our PDF's and Revit prints and even DWF prints all look exactly the same when sent to our Oce TDS600 plotter. But then again we're using Adobe Acrobat for PDF creation.
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    Default Re: plotted lineweights way too light!!!

    DWFs are made by copying assumed plotter output, if you go to publish DWf, you should have some settings that go to a printer setup. Set it to the plotter that works and you should be able to get it exporting properly.

    From memory anyway...

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