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Thread: Underline Text in an Attribute

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    Default Underline Text in an Attribute

    I want to define an Attribute with text that is underlined.

    In this case a simple Subtitle attribute.

    But the problem is that as its single line text "%%u" has to be used to define the text to underlined. When doing this however it as well as underlining the text, also extends a little past the begining of the text. Refer attachment.

    Now when you use MTEXT and underline the text this problem is not apparent, there is no extension outside of the selected word underlining. But that is no use to me since MTEXT can't be defined in an attribute. Or can it is there an AutoLISP routine that allows this? I not my problem still stands.

    Any Ideas???
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    Default Re: Underline Text in an Attribute


    Have a browse through the following threads -

    MText with Attribute

    Fields in Blocks


    Wrapping text in attributes

    Have a good one, Mike

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    Default Re: Underline Text in an Attribute

    It appears to be because the font definition includes a leading gap for each character - I suppose that's why text characters don't all run into each other.

    Anyway, I just tried a few fonts including the Solid Edge ISO font and that was close to "the ideal".
    John B

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