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  1. ACA vs Revit
  2. bim standards?
  3. My thoughts on BIM
  4. Public Works Government Services Canada BIM Standard?
  5. Do you have a setup with clients/owners?
  6. Job Description
  7. Phasing with Revit 2009
  8. Network folder setup and organization of resources
  9. Granularity
  10. Why IPD?
  11. Revit families management
  12. Building RFAs: file size impacts & performance
  13. What ae you using ""in the field"??
  14. Managing grids and Levels between disciplines?
  15. Construction professionals BIM attitudes
  16. BIM implementation (Revit vs ArchiCAD)
  17. Content creation
  18. 2009 International BIM Competition
  19. Revit Implementation - Getting Started
  20. Reading Material
  22. What will happen to Cad drawings with BIM
  23. Custom Callout Lines
  24. Different Pipe Sizes Different Prices- Is it possible?
  25. Windows 7 / 64 bit
  26. BIM Standard and BIM Example Drawings Sharing
  27. Elevations and visibilty graphics
  28. BIM w/ AutoCAD MEP
  29. Does anyone use Revit info for punchlists?
  30. What is the Best System configuration for Working 120 MB Revit File
  31. How much is too much?
  32. New BIM software
  33. Revit Structure Model Viewer
  34. How to implement BIM ?
  35. FlexLM on a VM, and XP?
  36. New BIM idea
  37. Request for BIM Project Requirements
  38. MEP model sharing between remote offices
  39. Interaction of softwares to work with full potential of BIM
  40. Modifying keynote table
  41. National BIM Standard
  42. Tracking Model Changes
  43. Global material / wall types
  44. BIM File Translation
  45. BIM Management Consulting - advice/comments
  46. Construction Management
  47. Revit & "Intellectual property"
  48. Revit Standards Library
  49. BIM and SketchUp
  50. 2D Annotation placement for receptacle families
  51. BIM Collaboration Research
  52. who are you?
  53. Metric and Imperial Custom Templates. Best way to implement?
  54. Soft for BIM management?
  55. How do you share?
  56. AutoCAD Layers + Revit Architecture Line Weights
  57. tool palettes
  58. BIM and Landscape Architecture
  59. Using the room schedule
  60. Levels w/ Identical floorplans
  61. number of firms that have....
  62. Improving the process on BIG projects
  63. Bringing point clouds into BIM software
  64. Live in Rockville Maryland - looking for community college Revit class
  65. Importing or Opening a Revit Model
  66. kilowatts in piping.
  67. Jack of all trades
  68. i-model Plugin from Revit to Bentley
  69. Exporting Revit to AutoCAD Layer Controls
  70. Extra IT costs with BIM
  71. Shear Walls
  72. Thoughts on Shared Families Anyone?
  73. Converting CAD Details to Revit
  74. Pros and Cons of Revit MEP model being a single shared model
  75. Revit Arch 2012 - broken shared parameters in sheets
  76. VG resetting on relinking views
  77. Advice on typical floors / building Core?
  78. Importing CAD details to Revit
  79. revir architecture workshare
  80. Families with nested families and file size
  81. Copy/Monitor Deleted Element Revit
  82. Dimension Stacked Walls
  83. Has BIM changed the way Project File Folder systems are set up?
  84. User Interface
  85. Plumbing Section Cut/View lines shows up in my HVAC views & sheets
  86. Worksharing and users
  87. Receptacle Attributes
  88. BIM Standards and Data Quality MGT
  89. Revit MEP 2012 - Libraries not installing
  90. Custom Wood Plank Panels??
  91. NW Batch Utility
  92. Corporate Request - Measurable BIM Goals
  93. grid snaps
  94. Managing large Revit projects for more efficient size & speed
  95. Revit - Long recovery times saving model back to server
  96. Creating A PE Number Family
  97. Revit Family Names
  98. Split face QTO incorrect
  99. Spot elevation issue
  100. Group Room Names
  101. Problem with Navisworks manage
  102. Sharing a Keynote
  103. Hang Up
  104. Basic BIM model construction
  105. Origin Issue when Exporting Revit
  106. Fees For BIM
  107. Revit Sheet Setup - How To?
  108. Scheduling Items in a linked file in Revit 2012
  109. Same workshared model in Revit Architectural and Revit MEP?
  110. Revit MEP or CAD mep+ ???
  111. AIA Form E202
  112. custom wall tags
  113. Families
  114. what is this thing called 'BIM'?
  115. Has anyone dealt with or used "Digital Project"
  116. importing CAD.. am I crazy
  117. Revit MEP -- ASI Issued
  118. Smart Drawings... DWF & DWFX
  119. Titlle blocks and shared parameters - best practices? Anyone?
  120. Automated / Scripted Tasks in Revit
  121. Installing Building Design Suites on Server 2008
  122. Question re: placement of floors. When to place on level and offset from level? 2 part question.
  123. Is it possible to have sheets from linked revit files show up on your revit model?
  124. Looking for best practice for linking revit files.
  125. Linked Revit project and Phases
  126. Dwg to RFA and Materials
  127. Custom Labels in Revit
  128. Locking WorkSet with a hidden user name!
  129. Revit Architecture File Size Conundrum
  130. revit materials management
  131. sharing details between links
  132. Can Sheet Sets be generated by a Drawing Index?
  133. HVAC BIM Standards
  134. CAD link Graphic problems
  135. Field Built Enclosures - Mechanical
  136. Show Selected Workset(s) in selected views - is it possible?
  137. Text In Model Groups
  138. Curtain Walling
  139. Revit and Navisworks errors
  140. Quantity Takeoff and Autocad Architecture 2013
  141. Edit Colour Scheme dialog box to add more categories to the Identity Data
  142. Windows 8 and Autodesk products
  143. Can you schedule end point coord's of beams in autocad?
  144. Detailing
  145. Theatre steps
  146. Convert various Autodesk models to revit
  147. BIM Department
  148. The chicken or the egg.
  149. Grids and Consultants
  150. What is a Rapid Energy Modeling cost? (hourly)
  151. Will modeling walls more simple improve performance if the file size stays the same.
  152. Ellipse Wall and stair
  153. how to add materials to structural columns
  154. structural Column, beam and slab needs wrapping of wall
  155. Editing a Building Pad
  156. Inspiring others to BIM
  157. Large project setup
  158. Multiple drawing sets in one revit file
  159. BIM – Defining the Seventh Dimension
  160. Fast Tracking and BIM
  161. Revit 2013 Server install problems
  162. Revit MEP 2013 Pipe Information -vs- B&G Syzer ... Why does Revit give such a strange answer.
  163. BIM Workflow for Contractors
  164. AutoCAD to Revit
  165. REVIT Topography in Artlantis
  166. Cover Sheet development
  167. Exporting Revit Subcategories to a layer differing from category
  168. Completed Dissertation on BIM and Collaboration
  169. Layers aren't Layers
  170. Sketch up model to an RVT?
  171. Please provide input to NCS task team re: BIM content Survey <5 min.
  172. Cobie Drop Wall Component into Components List
  173. ADSK file export to Civil 3D
  174. Revisions and Revision Clouds Best Practice
  175. Scheduling Sweeps
  176. Long Time, First time - shared parameters and families
  177. BIM Technology
  178. Compatibility between Revit and P&ID
  179. Understanding ‘BIM-world’ terminologies
  180. The client asked for a BIM....
  181. Rendering on the Cloud "Dead"?
  182. Automation Tool - Model Maintenance and Administration
  183. 360 Glue crashes
  184. Floor plan callout in a section view reference?
  185. Creation of local file and synchronization error
  186. Job Titles
  187. Frameless (vertical) Louvre Panel in Curtain Wall
  188. Software for family structural analysis
  189. BIM Mission statement
  190. Model Review Add In for 2014
  191. Code Calculations
  192. working with different project numbers
  193. Looking for contract BIM for Post tensioning
  194. BIM - The Technical and Commercial Risks (Questionnaire)
  195. AutoCAD MEP
  196. Material TakeOff Parameter
  197. Seating Revit Teams together
  198. Revit Model Link
  199. Loading a BIM Object from a vendor site
  200. Isolating Sections to One Sheet with One or Two Commands
  201. Duplicate Project Baser Point and Survey Point in One Model
  202. Creating a Simple Check family for a ToDo list
  203. What can we learn from global leading markets in BIM; what are trends and potentials? master research
  204. BIM - MSc dissertation research about global leading markets - potentials, trends (questionnaire)
  205. Revit Keynotes By Sheet - Alpha Character Note IDs Will Not Work
  206. Revit 2012 Sync and Compression takes 30 minutes
  207. OFOI - OFCI - NIC
  208. Development of geometry
  209. Deployments Include Service Packs Even Though You Say No
  210. Controlling/Lock Revit Linestyles? -- Is this possible?
  211. BIM and the impact on IT
  212. Billing Cloud Credits
  213. linking number of models will make central file slow???
  214. BIM Technician Skills Matrix
  215. Content Studio
  216. What have you found to be the max number of people in a single Revit file for best performance?
  217. One Revit Model vs Two
  218. Modeling Duration
  219. Getting users to follow company standards
  220. Best Practice for Archiving and using Old Revit Models
  221. Handling Massive Project with Revit MEP
  222. BIM consultancy companies in the UK
  223. Application Manager not a trusted source
  224. BIM strategy for Painting, Wallpapering, and other wall accents
  225. Naviswork Switchback
  226. Revit - Large Project
  227. Thinking of purchasing 360 Glue
  228. Revit - Best practice - Central model
  229. Revit
  230. small firm getting into revit
  231. Insertion paysagere avec Revit
  232. Opinions on design process within Revit
  233. Central File/Synchronization (Revit 2016, W10)
  234. Collaboration for Revit
  235. BIM Integrator Role versus BIM Manager Role
  236. Revit 2016 - Recent issues with crashing.
  237. Nobody is using CADtoWIN ?
  238. BDS 2015 Package
  239. Revit to GIS
  240. Revit to Etab using CSIXrevit 2016
  241. Transition to Revit for Designers
  242. Revit MEP certification: am I ready?
  243. Revit Text Editor
  244. Steel Detailer... Help!
  245. Leaving a Model open over night on a Revit Server?
  246. Revit and Projectwise with remote offices
  247. What is the best way to obtain the “As-built record model” at the end of a project?
  248. Structural Engineers' workflow
  249. REVIT 2015 Structural Foundation Tag Question
  250. how to gain and retain BIM talent