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  1. That it would stop crashing
  2. Enhance OSNAPs, Trim & Extend to 3D Objects
  3. Improve the Interface for Modifying Styles
  4. Breakline and copy surface options
  5. Deleting Parcels
  8. Alignment Deflection Angles
  9. Wish List, Grips
  10. Inside Wall Proxcimity Vilolation
  11. Project data shortcut for assembly
  12. ZOOM To/PAN To in a viewport
  13. Crest/Sag Grade Break labelling
  14. Shift PVI's horizontally
  15. Snap to Profile
  16. Feature lines
  17. Elevation at cursor
  18. Toggle all tooltips on/off
  19. Pipe Hatch in Plan view
  20. "Apply Minimum cover" Pipe Rules
  21. Individual Rotation of Plan Structure Labels
  22. Dragged label leader toggle.
  23. Easy way to load a "set" of default styles
  24. Smarter Point lables
  25. Pipe Crossing Profile Labels
  26. Alignment Geometry Point Labels
  27. Profile Pipe Networks without Seperate Alignment entity
  28. Add Pipe Label "Label Type" default
  29. Here is my Wish List item for the next go round.
  30. Surface Edits
  31. Hydrology and Hydraulics
  32. isolate/hide surface
  33. about designing roads in civil 3d
  34. Define Profile
  35. refined image management
  36. Need to apply Figure Prefix Database to points imported
  37. Layer States Pulldown
  38. C3D 2007 Add labels
  39. Spell Check and Find and Replace
  40. Fields in C3D labels
  41. Pipe lateral oval on Structures
  42. Pipe elipses in structures
  43. Stormwater Calculations in Civil 3D
  44. pipe network vertical curves
  45. Automatic Material Calculations
  46. Highlight Object on Screen
  47. Grabbing Points
  48. Unhide feature for Isolate/Hide objects
  49. OSnaps on everything
  50. no escape key for ZOOM to Point
  51. Add a grip for the attachment point on Labels
  52. Smart Tables
  53. Cross Sections sheets generated like Plan/Profile
  54. Point Symbol Rotation
  55. Curve Input Consistancy
  56. Fields in Label Styles
  57. Plan Production Profile Settings
  58. Pressure Piping System
  59. "Break" Option for Contour Display
  60. Water System Hydraulics
  61. Pipe Structure Features
  62. subassembly Features
  63. Feature Line editor enhancements
  64. Feature Line Arc (Helix)
  65. Parcel Creation Option
  66. Plans Production Reference type control
  67. Cross Section Datum Options
  68. Style Management/Import Options
  69. LandXML Enhancements
  70. Figure Creation by Points
  71. WYSIWYG Style editor
  72. Hide Line Option for Pipes
  73. Trim\Extend access to Features and Objects
  74. Geometry Point options - Angle of Deflection (Delta)
  75. Automatic Point Groups (Design)
  76. Parcel Data References.
  77. Imported Cogo Point Settings
  78. Snapable label subentities.
  79. Dragged State Labels
  80. Match Properties for Styles
  81. Hydrology and Hydraulics
  82. Cross Sections in Plan Production
  83. Intersection Design
  84. Xref Data Capabilities
  85. Parcel Label Style Options
  86. Description Key Migration Utility
  87. Reverse Raindrop Flow Analysis
  88. User defined Grip Settings for Pipe Networks
  89. Multiple VPORT Label Styles
  90. Pipe Label Band Style
  91. Profile Options
  92. Tag options for General Line\Curve labels
  93. Pipe Label Control
  94. AutoZoom
  95. Table Adjustment Options
  96. Parcel Label Style Control
  97. Dual Plan Sheets in Plan Production
  98. Subassembly selection options
  99. Complete Assembly Toolpallets
  100. Profile Swatch width Setting
  101. More Object properties available in dialog
  102. Parcel Label indepence
  103. Revise Point Codes
  104. Synchronize Upgrades between Vanilla and Verticals
  105. Profile Labels By Point
  106. Dynamic Inquiry Tool for Objects
  107. Criteria Based Design Options
  108. Unhide the Ellipsis (...) Buttons
  109. Profile Linking option
  110. Structure Labe|table Options
  111. Subassembly Options
  112. Grid Surface Enhancements
  113. Improve Object Interactivity
  114. Pipe Network Table Control
  115. Profile Offset Ability
  116. Planset View Frame Synch
  117. Enhanced Style Control
  118. Focus on Entity when editing C3D Objects
  119. Converting Imported Files - Figure Creation
  120. Styles Spell Check
  121. Profile Editor Range control
  122. Global Rebuild Option
  123. Curved Corridor Feature Lines
  124. Object Match Properties
  125. Point Label Control\Overrides
  126. C3D Design Center
  127. Profile Object linetype gen.
  128. Masking Options - Lines Merge Solution
  129. Coordinate transformation for XREFs
  130. Profile Points in Plan View
  131. Assemblies applied to Feature Lines
  132. Support 64 Bit OS
  133. Feature Line Enhancements
  134. Quantity Takeoff Enhancements
  135. Label Style Rotation Overrides
  136. Panoramic Parcel Editor
  137. Point Groups during FBK Import
  138. Point Export by Selection Set
  139. Purgable Styles Option
  140. Assign Alignment Styles by Segment
  141. Current Site control - Transparent switch options
  142. Inside Structure Labels for Pipe Networks
  143. Pressure Piping
  144. Data Shortcuts for Parcels
  145. Assembly Librarian or Database
  146. Enable Dynamic Block Functionality in Point Markers
  147. Improved Part Builder
  148. Pipe Network Elevation Editor
  149. Static Text in Parcel Labels
  150. Typical Windows Accelerator Keys in Dialogs
  151. Expanded Right-click Options for Surface Data
  152. Pipe Network from Feature Line
  153. Apply Country Kit to English Version of C3D
  154. Point Rotation
  155. Multiline Feature Lines
  156. Set Figure Label Styles in the Figure Prefix Database
  157. Spanning Alignment Labels
  158. Tables For Lines and Curves Labels
  159. Improved Style and Settings Mangement
  160. Toolpallets for Objects
  161. Viewshed Analysis
  162. Style Override in Viewports
  163. Graphically Select Null Structures
  164. Single Line Pipe Style to Double Line Pipe Style Clean Up
  165. Access C3D Object Data in Fields
  166. Lock Profile PVI
  167. Profile Lable for a Range of Stations
  168. Profile Linetype Generation
  169. North Rotation
  170. Symbol Manager
  171. Slope Arrow Weeding
  172. Wye Structure in Pipe Network
  173. Show Pipe Inverts Only
  174. Object Visibility Control in Sections and Profiles
  175. LandXML Import Mapping
  176. Anchor Options
  177. Profile Osnaps
  178. Separator Option for Number Formatting
  179. Surface Grid Northing and Easting Labels
  180. Intersection Design
  181. Blocks and Objects projected onto a Profile
  182. Sections viewed looking toward the alignment start
  183. "Smarter" Grading Objects
  184. Pipe Network Tooltip options
  185. Edit history for Survey database
  186. Expanded Survey point Classifications
  187. Additional Data options for Survey Points
  188. Subassembly Wizard
  189. Annotative (Reactive) C3D Labels
  190. Add Styles to Design Center Options
  191. Pond Creation Tool
  192. Bill Of Materials
  193. Parts Builder Wizard
  194. Inquiry Tools for Profiles and Sections
  195. Pipe Invert Editor
  196. C3D Table connection with Excel
  197. Additional Structures in Part Catalog
  198. Fields in Label Styles
  199. Multiple Storm Scenarios in Hydraflow
  200. Do not Reset the State of the Prospector Window
  201. Show Pipe Inverts Only
  202. Plan Production Option to Keep Vertical Curves on One Sheet
  203. Multiple Labels on Profile Lines
  204. Utility crossing Interference check.
  205. Surface Elevation Analysis Style
  206. Transparent Surface Banding
  207. Multiple Text Styles in Labels
  208. Suppress Pipe Travel Time in Individual Pipes
  209. Improved Pan and Zoom in Hydraflow
  210. Styles Creation Wizard
  211. 3D Layer Setting Default to 2D Layer Settings
  212. Obtain Section View Band Information from Point Codes
  213. Quantity Calculator/ Manager
  214. Survey Import Points file formats
  215. Pipe Profile Editor
  216. Copy Corridor Option
  217. Streamlined Sub assembly creation
  218. Add EdgeSurface to Surface by Object Selection options
  219. Feature Line Relationship Lock
  220. Improved Band Labeling
  221. Show All Corridor Assemblies in Cross Sections
  222. Surface Background Mask
  223. Use Properties Palette to Edit Pipe Network Components
  224. Pipe Flow Equal to Zero
  225. Improved Parts Builder
  226. Cumulative Volume Label on Mass Haul Diagrams
  227. Show Pipe Inverts Only
  228. Allow implied windowing when editing a surface.
  229. Descriptive Subassembly Names
  230. Improved Osnap for COGO Points
  231. Quantities Take Off
  232. Apply Profile View styles to Section Views
  233. Surface Centroid
  234. Pipe Slope From Inside of Structure
  235. Cosinusoidal Spirals
  236. Profile from Feature Line
  237. SCS Type IIA in Hydraflow Hydrographs
  238. Profile View Label Control
  239. Bore Hole Sections
  240. Tab and Enter Key Functionality
  241. Projected Alignment Profile View Band
  242. Dynamic coordinate grid
  243. Portuguese Country Kit
  244. ?2D Feature Lines with 3D Data
  245. Profile Editor Range Control
  246. Cross Sections in Plan Production
  247. User-Defined Property Classifications for Pipes and Structures
  248. Apply Alignment Labels to Specified Station Ranges
  249. Surface Volume Table
  250. Improved Section Views