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  1. Location for user created MVParts
  2. Point Filter Request
  3. Making the wishlists work
  4. Electrical conduit sizes
  5. Command Line Auto-Hide
  6. Smarter Building System Snaps.
  7. Wish List Guidelines
  8. Multiple Object Labels
  9. Ductwork: 1 line & 2 line represented on the same drawing
  10. Please Review Wish List Guidelines
  11. General ABS Training Wish
  12. Spaces in ABS more in Depth
  13. Duct Display Settings for different duct shapes
  14. Ability to draw electrical buss duct
  15. Greater control over equipment size
  16. More HVAC Parts
  17. ABS Template Project
  18. Keynotes
  19. Electrical Conduit Sizes and Bending
  20. Match properties
  23. Reference Manager: Get it to work
  24. Refrence Manager (fix)
  25. Plumbing Lines and Fittings
  26. 3D Plumbing
  27. Fabrication Interface
  28. Fire Alarm design support
  29. Linkable panelboards - load flow analysis
  30. Locking main runs
  31. Extra info in the modify Duct / Pipe Dialog Box
  32. Add Low Voltage Capabilities (Fire Alarm, Security)
  33. 'Purge' option in "Synchronize Drawing with Project Standards" Dialogue Box
  34. Publishing Queue
  35. Reduce the Number of Defaults in the Layer Key
  36. Change the color of Tool Palette tabs
  37. More control over the Style Manager - Styles
  39. Add classification to Wire styles
  40. Piping, anyone?
  41. File Naming Conventions
  42. Update drawings in Project Navigator
  43. MEP Parts Library for piping (from start to present)
  44. Mep pipe PARTS:
  45. Display Control by layer for editing and design
  46. One Part Fits all.
  47. Promises, Promises, Promises
  48. Curved edges shown as straignt edges
  49. Style Manager, edit multiple styles
  50. Separate OSNAPS from MEP snaps
  51. Styles and Manipulation
  52. System Resources
  53. "Product Continuity"
  54. Spell Check
  55. Pipe Hangers
  56. Piping that masks Walls BELOW
  57. Flexible Metal Conduit
  58. Actual Content - Not good enough
  59. Parametric register grilles and louvers
  60. Match Properties
  61. File sizes un-managable
  62. Standards manager layer walk
  63. Make Style Manager a dockable palette
  64. Adjustable duct elbow/bend neck lengths
  65. Ability to edit panels Schedules
  66. Happy Feet in Autocad MEP
  67. ignore osnap in x-refs
  68. Split one session over two monitors
  69. More Hanger Flexibility
  70. ability to cycle through devices not assigned to circuit