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  1. Holes / Holechart Wish
  2. Restructuring parts into an assembly
  3. Revision Tables
  4. Plot Stamp
  5. Involute Profile
  6. Hidden lines in drawing of assemly
  7. Menu Customization
  8. Autofill Suggestions for Decimal Values
  9. Making the wishlists work
  10. Quadrant snap method
  11. Select Other - Improvements
  12. Surfacing
  13. Wishlist Poll
  14. Holes
  15. Spell Check
  16. Moving Parts in an Inventor Assembly
  17. Deformation Constraint
  18. Text in Inventor 9
  19. Workpoints/planes from circular edge
  20. Match property or property window
  21. Feature Grouping
  22. Splitting Faces
  23. CAM software
  24. Two Things
  25. Inventor and Russian engineering standard.
  26. Boundary Patch 3D
  27. Area moment of inertia
  28. Combine BOMs
  29. Overlays of weldments in idw
  30. Custom Table
  31. Parent's Work geometry
  32. Customize Inventor
  33. Representations for Part
  34. Text on a Curve
  35. Rename Constraints
  36. iParts & iProperties
  37. VBA functions n Text
  38. Material Hatch Patterns
  39. Thread Representations in Drawings
  40. Wish List for Inventor - Dimensions.
  41. a real FEA bundle
  42. Balloon Ellipse Style
  43. Wish list: hole chart in drawings
  44. Wish list: "fuzzy" mates
  45. Users manual
  46. Right click direct to print from preview screen.
  47. Tolerance on dimensions
  48. Inventor I-Parts
  49. Inventor Wishlist at AU 2005
  50. Thread dimension
  51. Make Plot interface like the latest AutoCad interface
  52. iAssemblies
  53. autosave
  54. Wish List: Properties Manager
  55. Sheet Metal Improvements!
  56. Retrieved Model Dimensions
  57. SCALE Function like AutoCAD
  58. Text Features along a Path
  59. Wish List: Changing Item Numbers in BOM manually
  60. When saving have option of creating DWF also at same time.
  61. Design Space release 4.1 from 1998 had the slice command
  62. faster opening of files
  63. Add Helical Coil Insert threads to hole dialog
  64. Replace a part in a drawing with an assembly.
  65. Balloon number matching between the Bill of Material and the Parts List
  66. Expand the size of the text entry boxes, lists, and tables
  67. IDF Translator
  68. Retrieve dimensions on ISO views.
  69. Bend or Deform a Parts
  70. Macro Improvements
  71. 4 views at once
  72. Measuring Tool
  73. Copy without losing constrains
  75. Hatch Assigned to Material/Custom Hatches
  76. iPart Documentation
  77. Single component Part List
  78. Pattern Components on a Line/Spline
  79. Import Up to date
  80. Holes - Double CSK and Double C'Bored
  81. File conversions to IDF & Import /Export Gerber files
  82. Material selection placing componet from CC
  83. Center of gravity symbol
  84. Physical Properties Linking
  85. 2D Sketch Constraints
  86. Flexible parts
  87. Virtual Components
  88. Custom Iassemblies
  89. Design Assistant filters
  90. Fillets/ Rounds radius set default
  91. Sketch Dimensiong redefining in Complex Sketch/skeleton
  92. iFeature composite
  93. Table Driven iFeatures
  94. Silkscreen Support for sketches
  95. Resizable Dialog Boxes
  96. Partial folding & Unfolding of parts
  97. Hole Creation by attaching info to sketch
  98. Content Center - Unique file names
  99. Creation of Sheet Metal Cone/Frustum
  100. Folders or Groups in the Browser
  101. Export IPN and IV Studio Animation to DWF
  102. Bend Information in IDW Flat Pattern
  103. Skew Lines in a 2D Sketch
  104. Fix Self Intersecting Problems
  105. Selection of Multiple Participants to Add to Assembly Feature
  106. Improved Sketch Control in Drawing Browser
  107. Selection of Multiple Participants to Add to Assembly Feature
  108. Purging of Unused Parameters
  109. 3D Model Annotations
  110. Part Deletion from Project
  111. Automatically Export Parameters
  112. Manufacturing Staging in a Model
  113. IDW Hyperlinks
  114. Bi-Directional Sketch patterns
  115. IDW to DWG/DXF Line Resolution
  116. Auto Assembly Constraints
  117. Deleting Datum Targets
  118. Spacing of Datum Dimensions
  119. Deriving Sheet Metal Parts
  120. Control Fractional Dimension Size
  121. Linked Dwg/Dxf to Ipt Iile
  122. Showing Welds in Presentations (IPN)
  123. Enhance Revolve Command to include To and To/From option
  124. Parts List Per Design View
  125. Simple File Locking for Data Control
  126. Inventor File Autosave
  127. Ability to SaveAs an Older Version
  128. Representations in a Presentation File
  129. Automated Part Patterns in Assemblies
  130. Replace Components Based on Selection Set
  131. Add All Standard IS Piping & Fittings
  132. Multiple Thread Placement
  133. Removal of Length Limits in CC
  134. Editting Part with Parameters Window open
  135. Referencing of Workplanes in an IDW Section View
  136. Ribbon cables in Cable & harness
  137. Dimension Position Relative to View Border
  138. Child Component Parameters Accessible in Assemblies.
  139. Constraints with Tolerances
  140. Multple Inserts Using the Same Constraint
  141. Clipping planes in IDW's
  142. Make IDW Part of the Part File
  143. Additional Assembly Constraints
  144. Additional Vault Access From Inventor API
  145. Ctrl-A Selects All Components
  146. Highlighting a Constraint Error in an Assembly
  147. Calculate the Volume of a Container
  148. Display of Model Derived Part is Made From in IDW
  149. Inter-sketch Constraints
  150. Adjustable Bounding Box in IDW
  151. Perform Operation on Multiple Components in Assembly
  152. Threaded Parts Driven Constraints by Pitch
  153. Auto-Resize XYZ Planes in an Assembly
  154. Associate View with Workplane
  155. Multiple Representations in a IPN
  156. Batch Plotting from Inventor
  157. Lock on Constraint Selection Set
  158. Automatic Derived Parts
  159. Smarter F5 Key
  160. Part Feature Deletion Without Editing Part
  161. Standard Undercuts
  162. Insert Multiple Parts into Assembly
  163. Text Placement
  164. Flat Pattern Modification
  165. Parting Line Splitting a Model
  166. Make Centerlines Easier Work With
  167. Apply Property Colors to Weldments
  168. Expanded Cable & Harness Functionality
  169. Custom Properties Tied to List
  170. Feature Creation Using Real World Tools
  171. Save Copy As Derived Part
  172. Save Copy As and Open
  173. Automated Drawing View Labels
  174. Tabs for Open Files
  175. Tool Tip Shows Feature Parameter Values
  176. Name Features & Parameters at Time of Creation
  177. Larger Undo-Redo Size with Dropdowns
  178. Unprintable Layers and Text in Drawing Areas
  179. Customize Right Mouse Button Context Menus
  180. More robust fillets
  181. Making a Derived Part After Modifying Assembly
  182. Better Hard Copy Documentation
  183. Constrained Sketches Defined by Colors
  184. Autolink DWFs to Files
  185. Ability to Open File with Missing References
  186. Simplier Way to Find Parameters to Edit
  187. Sketch Theoretical Intersection Dimensioning
  188. Provide a True Center Line in the Sketch Mode
  189. Parts List linked to LOD Reps
  190. Editible Sketch Patterning
  191. Tolerances Controlled by Holes Tolerances.xls
  192. Clear Current Entry in Dialogue Boxes
  193. Drag nad Drop into Drawing Enviornment
  194. Change Default of Overconstrained Dim Dialog Box
  195. Ifeatures in Assemblies
  196. Reference Line Projection
  197. Partial Assembly Loading into a IDW
  198. Default Weld Symbols to Last Used
  199. Associate Views On By Default
  200. Component Highlighting When Visibilty is Turned Off
  201. Plot Icon
  202. Mass and Area Properties Retrieval
  203. Be Able to Export Options to a File
  204. Multiple Sketched Symbols Folders
  205. Importable or a Style for Sketched Symbols
  206. Slider Bar to Control Driven Constraints
  207. Put X,,Y & Z Labels on the Coordinate Axis Indicator
  208. Feature to get Straight Line Length of Hose in IV Pro
  209. Open a IDW from the Model Browser
  210. Search Vault When Resolving a Link
  211. Color Code Workplanes & Axes
  212. Add more JIC Fittings to Content Center
  213. Make IV Pro more Compatible with Vault & Productstream
  214. Force BOM to be Uppercase Lettering
  215. Allow Ordinate Dimensioning in Part Modelling
  216. Unfold Curved 3D Surfaces to a Flat Pattern
  217. Be Able to Snap to the Center of an Obround (Slot)
  218. Bend Line in Flat Pattern Indicate Bend Direction
  219. Mirror a Sheet Metal Part That is Not a Derived part
  220. Real Time Collision Detection
  221. Reference Parts Icons in Browser
  222. Ability to Recover Damaged IV Files
  223. Ability to Add Text Along a Spline or Arc
  224. Allow Insertion of JPG's and BMP's into Title Blcks
  225. A Better Text Editor
  226. Have Inventor Open Command Go to Last File Opened
  227. Ability to Find Colors Easier
  228. Part/Assembly Layer Mapping in an IDW
  229. Additional Hatch Abilities
  230. Filter creation of DWF files When Checking Files into Vault
  231. Be Able to Run A Max Model Clearance Check of Assembly
  232. Inventor Studio Lighting Improvements
  233. Use Architectural Scales In Drawing Views
  234. Be Able to Reorder Component Patterns In the Browser
  235. Be Able to Attach Balloon from Browser
  236. Improved Menu Selections with Retrieve Dimension Commmand
  237. Reorder Weld Features
  238. Improve Fillet Welds
  239. Multiple Images in Decal
  240. Control Decal Transparency
  241. Scale Text with Drawing
  242. Analysis Results as Parameters
  243. Open model from BOM
  244. Transparent Panel & Browser Bars
  245. Dockable Parameters Dialogue Box
  246. Isolated Constraints Different Color
  247. Retained Values in Dialogue Boxes
  248. Ability to Retain Feature Colors of Derived Parts
  249. Use of Parts List to Create Table of Contents
  250. Frame Generator Part File Creation