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  1. BD11-2: An In-depth Intro to Architectural Desktop
  2. BD12-2: Advanced Architectural Desktop Techniques
  3. BD21-2: Creating Elevations and Sections with Architectural Desktop
  4. BD22-2: All You Need to Know to Work with Roofs and Slabs
  5. BD22-3L: Area Objects and Evaluations in ADT Building Design
  6. BD31-1: Developing Construction Documents in Architectural Desktop Release 3.3
  7. BD32-1: Introduction to Autodesk Building Mechanical
  8. BD33-2: Customizing DesignCenter for Architectural Desktop
  9. BD34-1: Successful Project Delivery using Autodesk Architectural Desktop
  10. BD34-3L: Schedules - A Hands-on Approach
  11. BD41-1: Mastering Schedules in Architectural Desktop
  12. BD42-1: Complete Display Control in Architectural Desktop
  13. BD42-2: A Peek Behind the Curtain ... Wall
  14. BD42-4: Introduction to Autodesk Building Electrical
  15. BD11-3: Making the Transition from S8 to The New Building Systems Mechanical, Piping, and Electrical Software
  16. BD11-1: Creating CAD Standards with Architectural Desktop