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  1. PR11-3L: Getting to Know and Love VBA
  2. PR12-1: PR 12 AutoCAD VBA Introduction
  3. PR12-2: OObjectARX: Tools, Tips and Working Demonstrations
  4. PR21-1: What the H--- Is XML?
  5. PR21-2: Automating CAD Standards
  6. PR22-1: Building Solutions with AutoCAD OEM
  7. PR22-2: How to Make a Living Programming Autodesk Products with VB, VBA, VB.NET & VSA
  8. PR22-3L: Introduction to dbConnect
  9. PR31-1: Creating Intelligent Parts Libraries
  10. PR31-2: Selecting The Right Objects Every Time In Visual LISP
  11. PR32-1: VBA and the Internet
  12. PR33-1: Integrating Microsoft Excel with AutoCAD VBA
  13. PR33-2L: Writing Your First ObjectARX Program
  14. PR33-3: Database Developer's Workshop
  15. PR33-4: AutoCAD 2002 VBA
  16. PR34-2: Introduction to VL* Functions - A Brief Overview of New Functions Provided in VisualLISP
  17. PR34-3: Extended Entity Data
  18. PR34-4: AutoCAD / Microsoft Office Integration
  19. PR41-2: Integrating Microsoft Access with AutoCAD VBA
  20. PR41-4L: Menu Customization for Ordinary People
  21. PR42-1: Advanced VisualLISP
  22. PR42-2L: Event Trapping in AutoCAD
  23. PR42-3: Super Scripting Secrets