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  1. CP11-2: Fundamentals of AutoLISP
  2. CP11-3: Introduction to Visual Basic
  3. CP12-3L: Zen and the Art of VBA Programming
  4. CP21-1: Creating Intelligent Parts Libraries
  5. CP21-2: Integrating Microsoft Access with AutoCAD VBA
  6. CP21-3L: Lowly but Lovely ’LISP
  7. CP22-2: ObjectDBX™ SDK: Building Digital Design Data Clients
  8. CP23-2: Customizing Land Desktop with VBA
  9. CP23-3L: How Do I Make AutoCAD® React to MY Events?
  10. CP23-4: VBA and the Internet
  11. CP31-1: Advanced Visual LISP™ Techniques
  12. CP31-2: AutoCAD OEM – Brand Your Own CAD Software
  13. CP32-1: Learn from the Autodesk Developer Veterans!
  14. CP32-2: Integrating Microsoft Excel with AutoCAD VBA
  15. CP33-1: Visual Basic.NET Simplified for Autodesk Developers
  16. CP33-2: Creating Your Own LISP API with ObjectARX®
  17. CP33-3L: An Introduction to AutoCAD OEM
  18. CP34-1: Extended Entity Data
  19. CP34-2L: Customization for the Average Joe
  20. CP34-3: Getting the Correct Selection Set Every Time
  21. CP34-4: AutoCAD / Microsoft Office Integration
  22. CP41-1: Using the Autodesk Buzzsaw API to Customize Collaboration
  23. CP41-2: AUGI Lisp guilds greatest hits
  24. CP41-3: DCL: Programming Outside the Box
  25. CP42-1: Mastering the Visual LISP™ Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  26. CP42-2: Simple AutoLISP for Maximum Productivity
  27. CP42-3: Introduction to Visual LISP's vl- functions