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  1. CM21-1: Digital Signatures for CAD and Moree
  2. CM22-2: Automating CAD Standards
  3. CM22-1: CAD Manager’s Guide to Microsoft Excel
  4. CM22-2: A Manager’s Guide to Deal with Renegade Designers
  5. CM23-1: The Business Case for CAD Management
  6. CM23-2: Successfully Budgeting and Managing Your Software
  7. CM31-1: CAD Standards from A to Z...
  8. CM32-1: Competency Testing: a Tool for CAD Managers
  9. CM32-2: Help! I have to use the Clients CADD Standard
  10. CM33-1: CADD Leadership: Beyond the Standard
  11. CM41-1: Drawing Setups For Your Multi-Discipline Environment
  12. CM41-2: Remote Training Options for CAD Managers
  13. CM42-1: AutoLISP® Tricks for CAD Managers
  14. CM43-1: Creating an Online CAD Manual
  15. CM43-2: Business Issues in Computer-Aided Design
  16. CM11-1: CAD Manager’s Handbook 2004
  17. CM12-1: Childproof Drawings: Security Features of AutoCAD® 2004
  18. CM13-1: CADD Standards Enforcement
  19. CM13-2: Engineering Data Management Why should you care?