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  1. CP12-1: AutoCAD Automation with C#
  2. CP12-2: All You Need to Know About Good Programming You Learned in Kindergarten
  3. CP12-3: There's an Error in My Code! Now What?
  4. CP13-1: Integrating Microsoft Excel with AutoCAD VBA
  5. CP11-2: The dXf Files
  6. CP13-3: Thinking outside the Box with ObjectDBX
  7. CP13-4L: Visual LISP Hands-on Lab: The First Time
  8. CP21-1: Taking the Mystery out of VBA Class Modules
  9. CP21-2L: Using Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) with Visual LISP Applications
  10. CP21-3: Going Beyond DCL
  11. CP22-1: A Visual LISP Wizard's Intro to List Magic
  12. CP22-2: Automating Tasks Using Windows Script Host
  13. CP22-3L: Changing Hundreds of Drawings in a Hurry
  14. CP23-1: Programming Gurus Go Head-to-Head
  15. CP23-2L: Menu Customization for Ordinary People
  16. CP23-2: Application Development with VBA and the Internet
  17. CP31-1: Integrating Microsoft Access with AutoCAD VBA
  18. CP31-2: A Visual LISP Wizard's Advanced Techniques
  19. CP31-3L: VBA (Part II)
  20. CP31-5: In-Depth Envision .NET API
  21. CP32-1: The AUGI LISP Guilds Greatest Hits
  22. CP32-4: Things Your Mother Never Told You About VBA
  23. CP33-1: Extended Entity Data For Savvy Programmers
  24. CP33-2: A Visual LISP Wizard's Intor to Object Magic
  25. CP33-3: VB Versus VBA...When Do I Use Which Tool?
  26. CP33-4L: How Do I Make AutoCAD React to My Events?
  27. CP41-1: Introduction to VL Functions in Visual LISP
  28. CP41-2: VBA and AutoCAD 2004: an Overview
  29. CP32-3: Visual Studio.NET for AutoCAD Programmers
  30. CP41-3: Custom Part and Detail Libraries
  31. CP41-4: Programming dbConnect with VBA
  32. CP42-1: AutoCAD and VBA Integration with Microsoft Office
  33. CP42-2: A Visual LISP Wizard's Intro to Reactor Magic
  34. CP42-3: Script... Programming for Dummies
  35. CP43-2: Menu Madness
  36. CP11-1: Fundamentals of AutoLISP
  37. CP11-2: AutoCAD VBA Introduction
  38. CP11-4: Getting Started with ObjectARX