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  1. CM33-1: Organized Chaos: Keeping Standards with Flexibility
  2. CM32-2: Return On Innovation: The ROI of Upgrading Autodesk Software
  3. CM35-1: I Want You to Want Me: Embracing CAD Standards
  4. CM21-1: The Art of Juggling Multiple CAD Systems
  5. CM41-1: CAD Manager's Handbook 2005
  6. CM25-2: CAD Standards & Detail Management
  7. CM22-1L: Advanced AutoLISP® Tricks for CAD Managers
  8. CM11-1: CAD Management Issues from A to Z
  9. CM24-2: Surviving the CRASH: How To Use Outside Drawings Effectively
  10. CM32-1: How to Keep Your Job as a CAD Manager!
  11. CM33-2L: Advanced AutoLISP® Tricks for CAD Managers
  12. CM34-1: CAD Leadership: Beyond the Standard
  13. CM23-1: Creating a Web-Based CAD Manual
  14. CM23-2: The AU Roundtable
  15. CM25-1: Secrets to Succeeding as a CAD Consultant
  16. CM11-2: Standardize or Die