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  1. GI25-2: Breakthrough Raster Design: Changing the Way You Look at the World
  2. GI23-1L: Raster Data Analysis for Mapping and GIS Professionals
  3. GI35-1: Autodesk Map® 3D 2005 - Cleanup and Topology Model
  4. GI22-2: Locating and Importing Freely Distributed GIS Data
  5. GI33-2: Quit Gambling with Huge Files!
  6. GI22-1L: COGO Points and Survey Data in Autodesk Map® 3D A Powerful Combination!
  7. GI21-2: Autodesk® Raster Design for Mapping and Land Development Professionals
  8. GI32-2: Say It with Annotation in Autodesk Map®
  9. GI24-2: Autodesk Map® 3D 2005: Making the Most of the New Display Manager
  10. GI23-2: Fast Track to Building Your First Autodesk MapGuide® Site
  11. GI32-1L: Autodesk Map© 3D 2005 Classification
  12. GI41-2: How to Create Custom Applications using Autodesk MapGuide®
  13. GI11-1L: Hands On GIS and GPS