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  1. ED35-1: FIRST Robotics Competition
  2. ED42-1: Engage Your Students: Classroom Techniques for the Professional Trainer
  3. ED32-2: Best Practices for Teaching Autodesk Products
  4. ED23-2: Understanding Learning Styles: How to Become a More Effective Classroom Instructor
  5. ED43-1: Pedagogical Techniques For the Technical Setting
  6. ED34-1: The World’s Greatest Training Secrets Revealed!
  7. ED12-1: Assessing Clients and Preparing to Deliver Training
  8. ED31-2: Lead the Horse to Water and Get It to Drink
  9. ED22-1: Introduction to the Autodesk Animation Academy Using 3ds Max® [Part 1]
  10. ED24-2: CAD Trainer’s Survival Guide
  11. ED12-2: Are you Certifiable?
  12. ED13-1: Confessions of a Corporate Trainer Revealed!
  13. ED25-1: Being a Classroom Detective