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  1. MA215-5P: Autodesk Inventor and DWG TrueConnect: A Perfect Combination
  2. MA215-6: Autodesk® Inventor™: Digital Prototyping with Design Accelerators
  3. MA219-1: Drawing Documentation: Communicating the Design with the Help of AutoCAD® Mechanical
  4. MA219-3: Autodesk Inventor and Sheet Metal Manufacturing: From Drawing to Fabrication
  5. MA101-1L: Hands-On Experience! Making a Smooth Transition from AutoCAD to Autodesk Inventor
  6. MA219-4P: Installing, Maintaining, and Deploying Autodesk Content Center Libraries
  7. MA105-1L: Becoming an Autodesk Inventor® Professor in 90 Minutes
  8. MA219-5: Sounds Sketchy
  9. MA105-2P: Physical - Digital - Physical
  10. MA301-1L: Customizing the Inventor Content Center
  11. MA105-3P: Making the move to a New Autodesk Inventor
  12. MA301-1P: Top-Down Design with Autodesk Inventor Using Skeletal Modeling
  13. MA105-5: Using Autodesk® Inventor™ to Create Tech Pubs on a Shoestring Budget
  14. MA301-2: AutoCAD Electrical© Power Tools for Power Users
  15. MA105-6: Collaborative Engineering with Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Vault
  16. MA301-5L: DWG TrueConnect: Making These Autodesk® Inventor™ Tools Work for You
  17. MA105-7: Autodesk® Inventor™: Preparing for the User Certification and Expert Certification Exams Part I
  18. MA305-2: Proper Care and Feeding of your Vault
  19. MA111-3P: Extreme 2D with Autodesk Inventor
  20. MA305-3: AutoCAD® Mechanical Standards: Configuration and Use
  21. MA111-5: Autodesk Inventor Part Modeling: The First Step, Part I
  22. MA305-4: Everything You Need to Know About Autodesk® Inventor™ Styles (and a Few Things You’d Rather Not Know)
  23. MA111-6: Autodesk Inventor: Preparing for the User Certification and Expert Certification Exams Part II
  24. MA305-5: Autodesk® Inventor™: From Concept to Digital Prototype
  25. MA115-2P: Advanced Modeling and Surfacing Techniques with Autodesk® AliasStudio™ (Part I)
  26. MA311-2: Using Skeleton Design Techniques for Tube and Pipe Modeling
  27. MA115-3P: The Ins & Outs of Representations in Autodesk Inventor
  28. MA311-3: Automating Autodesk® Inventor™ -- a Preview of Autodesk Intent™
  29. MA115-4: Migrating from AutoCAD® to AutoCAD® Electrical
  30. MA311-4: Class Act: Item Classification in Autodesk® Productstream™
  31. MA115-5: Autodesk Inventor Part Modeling: The First Step, Part II
  32. MA315-2P: Advanced Modeling and Surfacing Techniques with Autodesk AliasStudio (Part II)
  33. MA201-1L: Customizing the Inventor Content Center
  34. MA315-3: Sheet Metal: Autodesk® Inventor™ on the Cutting Edge
  35. MA201-3P: Using Design Accelerators in Autodesk Inventor
  36. MA315‐4: Using Autodesk Productstream to Connect Engineering with the Rest of the Company
  37. MA201-4: Secret Treasures of AutoCAD Electrical
  38. MA319-1L: Hands-On Experience! Making a Smooth Transition from AutoCAD® to Autodesk® Inventor™
  39. MA201-5: The Power Tools of AutoCAD Mechanical
  40. MA319-4: Nothing is Permanent but Change: Using Autodesk® Productstream® to Control and Manage Project Data
  41. MA211-1L: All the "Zero Learning Curve" Features of AutoCAD® Mechanical
  42. MA319-5: Autodesk® Inventor™ -The Sharpest Tool for Woodworking & Cabinetry
  43. MA211-3P: Pretty Pictures Sell Products! Enhancing Your Presentations to Effectively Communicate Ideas
  44. MA401-1: Autodesk® Inventor Project Files Revisited
  45. MA211-4: AutoCAD Electrical Customization: Special Operations Mission 1
  46. MA405-1: Implementing Autodesk Inventor in Your Company
  47. MA211-6P: Advanced Visualization with Autodesk® AliasStudio™
  48. MA215-3: AutoCAD® Mechanical and Power Dimensioning: Start Saving Time Now!
  49. MA215-4: Integrating Autodesk® Productstream™ with Enterprise Applications
  50. MA215-5: Working with Huge Digital Prototypes: Autodesk Inventor Large-Assembly Best Practices