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  1. SE104-1: Revit® Structure: Tips and Techniques for Production and Presentation
  2. SE104-2: Revit Structure Worksets 101
  3. SE110-1L: A Quick Spin on Revit Structure
  4. SE110-2: Revit Structure: Beyond the Beams and Columns
  5. SE114-1: Using Revit® Structure to Document the Structural Model
  6. SE114-2: Working with Clients and Consultants Who Don't Use the Autodesk Revit Format
  7. SE204-1: Using the Coordination Monitoring Feature in Revit® Structure to Manage Projects Across Disciplines
  8. SE210-1: Deep Dive Into Revit Structure Analytical Tools
  9. SE210-2: Advanced Revit Families for Structural Engineering & Design
  10. SE214-1L: Revit® Structure: Documents, Linking to ThirdParty Structural Analysis Programs (Yes, You Can) and Beyond!
  11. SE214-2: Modeling a Wood Structure with Revit Structure
  12. SE300-2: Nuts and Bolts of the Revit Structure/Robot Millennium Integration
  13. SE304-1: Coordinating and Sharing Information with Revit Architecture and Revit Structure - Best Practices!
  14. SE304-2: Creating Trusses with Revit Structure
  15. SE310-1L: Family Structure / Family Creation in Revit Structure
  16. SE310-2: Maximizing Interoperability with Analytical Programs and Revit Structure
  17. SE314-1: The Consulting Engineer's Guide to Implementing Revit Structure
  18. SE500-1: Explore the possibilities with the Revit Extensions