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  1. BO122-1: The Impossible 3-Million Square-Foot BIM Project
  2. BO318-1: Corporate CAD Caveats
  3. BO114-2: Maximize Your CAD Assets With Targeted Learning and Consultancy
  4. BO118-1: Mission Critical Management Skills
  5. BO204-1: Lean, Last Planner, Agile, and Scrum, Oh My! Modern Processes for Production
  6. BO304-1: The Mechanics of Project Management: Successfully "Herding Cats"
  7. BO104-1: BIM: A Business Decision
  8. BO214-1: Secrets to Succeeding as a CAD Consultant
  9. BO114-1: CAD Management Versus CAD Leadership in Implementing Change and Boosting Productivity
  10. BO102-1: Leading Online and Face-to-Face Communities
  11. BO202-1: Creating a Community Strategic Plan
  12. BO302-1: Community: It's All About the Members
  13. BO218-2: Un-CAD: The IT Stuff Behind the CAD Stuff