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  1. CM222-1: Finding and Hiring Top Talent
  2. CM314-2: How to Maximize the Effectiveness of Training
  3. CM204-1: Getting the Most Out of Your Computer Purchase: Hardware Myths Revealed!
  4. CM322-3: Networking Autodesk
  5. CM104-3: CAD Geeks Inside: Starting, Maintaining and Enabling a Company User Group
  6. CM114-3: Revit
  7. CM304-3: Using Autodesk
  8. CM314-3: BIM Management
  9. CM208-4: Using Autodesk
  10. CM214-1: The Thankless Job of a BIM/CAD Manager
  11. CM9310-1: Which Workstation Best Fits Your Needs?
  12. CM222-2L: Networking Autodesk
  13. CM9310-2: Going Mobile! Getting Desktop Performance With Notebook Mobility
  14. CM314-1: CAD Standards Made Easy
  15. CM3306-1: Windows 7 for Autodesk Users and Developers
  16. CM118-1: Evolution Not Revolution: The Key to Successful CAD Standards
  17. CM318-1: Standardizing AutoCAD
  18. CM304-2: A Holistic Approach to BIM Management: Merging Technology and Practice
  19. CM208-2: Utilizing Virtual Machines to Streamline Autodesk Product Installations and Increase Their Performance
  20. CM208-7: CAD Leadership 2009
  21. CM308-1: BIM Manager: The Newest Position
  22. CM114-1: Autodesk
  23. CM318-4: CAD Manager's Training, Standards, and Productivity Guide
  24. CM314-4: Networking Autodesk
  25. CM204-2: Getting Customization Approved in a Rough Economy
  26. CM208-1: The Dos and Don'ts of 3D Implementation
  27. CM114-2: CAD Manager's Action Plan
  28. CM118-2: CAD Management Trends (The Survey Says)
  29. CM104-2: CAD Management Best Practices
  30. CM214-2L: Creating the World's Greatest AutoCAD
  31. CM304-1: Managing the AutoCAD
  32. CM104-1: Let's Stick Together: IPD Collaboration Between Disciplines
  33. CM318-2: Enforcing CAD Standards Using Visual LISP
  34. CM218-1L: Introduction to VBScript for CAD Administrators
  35. CM214-3: Human Management: A Non-Technical Approach to CAD Management
  36. CM208-4L: Hands-On Migration Using the AutoCAD
  37. CM208-6: Spell It Out With Training Videos