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  1. ED118-1: Digital Prototyping and the Future of the Engineering Student
  2. ED104-1: Integrating Creativity and Technology in the Classroom
  3. ED322-1: Simulating the Collaborative Design Process in Higher Education Through a Case Study of Multidisciplinary Integr
  4. ED122-1: Teaching BIM: Best Practices for Integrating BIM Into Architectural Curriculum
  5. ED204-1: Thrive With the Certification Advantage
  6. ED218-1: CAD Training That STICKS (Sustainability, Technique, Interoperability, Curricula, Kinetics, Success)
  7. ED9200-1: Teaching in the Virtual Classroom: Tools, Tips and Techniques for eLearning
  8. ED9300-1: Incorporating Software Simulation Into Web-Based Training
  9. ED9118-1: Your Professor Should Be Able to Help You: EngineersRule.org
  10. ED214-1: Implementing CAD Standards in Educational Settings
  11. ED122-2L: Hands-On Digital Prototyping