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  1. FM308-1: Integrating Your A/E Consultant's Autodesk® Revit® Models Into Facility Management
  2. FM318-1: Get Your Autodesk® Revit® Model Ready for FM
  3. FM9114-1: Don't Get Floored In Your Facility: Autodesk® Revit® Architecture as an Effective Facilities Management Tool
  4. FM322-1L: Autodesk® Revit® Architecture and Facilities Management: What's in Your Toolbox?
  5. FM122-1: BIM and FM: Bridging the Divide
  6. FM204-1: Real-World Traction With Green Buildings
  7. FM214-1: From Lonely BIM to Social BIM: Moving Beyond Design to FM
  8. FM218-1: BIM to FM: The Emerging Art