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  1. UT204-1: Using AutoCAD
  2. UT114-1: Using AutoCAD
  3. UT214-1: Spatial Analysis in a CAD-Driven GIS
  4. UT122-1: CAD, GIS, ERP, and Web Integration at Ergon Energy
  5. UT118-1: GIS for the Utility or Municipality With AutoCAD
  6. UT304-1: Integrate Autodesk
  7. UT104-1: Bringing Mobile Field Updates into AutoCAD
  8. UT122-2L: Hands-On Design Using Autodesk
  9. UT308-1: Water and Wastewater Network Management Using Autodesk
  10. UT222-1: Autodesk
  11. UT208-1: Using Autodesk